Anupama informs Anuj and the family about a photo she discovered in Malti Devi's luggage.

Anupama presents Anuj with his birth certificate and a document stating that Malti Devi disowned him.

Anuj is in shock, unable to comprehend the sudden revelation.

Family members express their astonishment, while Romil shares his own experiences meeting his father.

Malti Devi herself questions Anupama about the truth, and Anupama confirms that Anuj is her son.

Anuj, overwhelmed with emotions, pushes Malti Devi away and exclaims that she's not his mother.

He rejects Malti Devi, declaring that being called an orphan is better than being her son.

Anuj emphasizes that a mother's love defines motherhood, not mere childbirth.

Anuj reveals that this revelation is the most painful moment of his life, making his birthday a day of sorrow.

He reflects on his eight years in an orphanage, longing for love and family.

Younger Anu, empathetic, embraces Anuj, highlighting the shared pain of their childhood.

Anupama confronts Malti Devi about the consequences of her actions. Anuj expresses his unconditional support for Anupama.

Spoiler Alert: Tomorrow's Episode

Anuj issues an ultimatum, forcing Anupama to choose between him and Guru Maa. Anupama faces a religious and moral dilemma as she grapples with her decision.