"Pakhi goes missing on her way to Shah House to tie Rakhi to her brothers, leaving the family deeply worried.

Pakhi's Mysterious Disappearance

"The family searches for Pakhi, and Anupama and Anuj face their worst fears when they learn that a girl has met with an accident."

"Did Pakhi Meet with an Accident?"

"Anupama and Vanraj share a deep conversation as they grapple with the devastating news. Anupama's heart aches as she awaits confirmation."

"Anupama's Heartache"

"The police officer reveals that the accident victim matches Pakhi's description. Anupama and Anuj reluctantly head to the hospital."

"The Hospital Revelation"

"Anupama anxiously waits for Anuj's call. Her desperation grows as she seeks answers."

"Anupama's Desperation"

 "Anupama and Ankush arrive at Shah House, where emotions run high as they share their worries with Baa."

"Reunion at Shah House"

"The mystery unfolds as Anuj arrives at the hospital. Will they find Pakhi, or is there more to this story?"

"Pakhi's Fate Revealed"

"Speculation arises that the girl in the hospital may not be Pakhi. Anuj's visit may hold the key to the truth."

"Speculation: Is Pakhi Alive?"

"As the family awaits answers, one question remains: Why was Pakhi's phone switched off?"

"Unanswered Questions"

In my opinion, Pakhi is alive, The girl present in the hospital could be Pakhi’s friend or some unknown girl whom Pakhi might have helped. When Anuj goes there he will meet Pakhi.

Pakhi is alive or not

"What will happen next? Don't miss the episode on September 10, 2023"