Sonu’s Confession

Sonu confesses after Anupama’s provocation.

Sonu gets arrested after threatening Anuj and Anupama.

Sonu’s Arrest

Malti Devi starts having issues with Anupama.

Malti Devi’s Discontent

 Malti Devi traps Anupama in Anuj’s love.

Anupama Trapped

Anupama and Anuj spend time with younger Anu.

Anuj and Anupama’s Bond

Malti Devi sees Anuj as Anupama’s husband, not her son.

Malti Devi’s Perception Shift

 Anupama showers love and care on Dimpy.

Anupama’s Care for Dimpy

Pakhi feels neglected due to the attention on Dimpy’s pregnancy.

Pakhi’s Jealousy

Malti Devi appears to be planning something harmful.

Malti Devi’s Plan

Malti Devi and Pakhi might conspire against Dimpy.

Potential Conspiracy Against Dimpy