Preview of Upcoming Episode

The article is a preview of the next episode of Anupama, a popular Indian TV show.

The episode will focus on the court case of Samar’s death, Anupama’s son, who was killed by unknown assailants.

Samar’s Death Case

Anupama and Anuj, Samar’s friend and business partner, are the only ones who are fighting for justice in court.

The Fight for Justice Begins

They have received the court date, which is very close, and they are preparing for it.

Court Date Announcement

Anupama performs a puja and prays for Samar’s soul and justice.

Anupama’s Prayer

Anuj supports Anupama and expresses his feelings for her. They hold hands and comfort each other.

Anuj’s Support

Suresh taunts Anupama and Anuj for their romance. He mocks their grief and accuses them of forgetting Samar.

Suresh’s Taunts

Suresh also tries to manipulate Vanraj, Anupama’s ex-husband, and turn him against Anupama and Anuj. He instigates Vanraj’s anger and jealousy.

Vanraj’s Manipulation

The article hints at some possible twists and turns in the court case and the future of Anupama-Anuj’s relationship.

Possible Twists and Turns

The article raises questions about Suresh’s tricks, Vanraj’s reaction, and the evidence for Samar’s case.

Evidence for Samar’s Case