Anupama and Anuj's Plan

Anupama and Anuj plan to expose Adhik in front of Pakhi. What will Pakhi do now?

Rakhi Celebration"

In today's episode, everyone gathers at Shah's house to celebrate Rakhi.

Pakhi's Decision

Paritosh and Samar are shocked to learn that Pakhi won't attend.  but Anuj assures everyone of Pakhi's love for her brothers

Rakhi Ritual

Samar and Paritosh perform the Rakhi ritual with Anupama. Anuj provides support and thanks Vanraj for his patience with Pakhi.

Adhik's Influence

Paritosh and Samar encourage Pakhi to come. Adhik also advises Pakhi to go to Shah's house.

Pakhi's Dilemma

Samar informs Anupama that Pakhi is on her way to celebrate

Romil's Past

Romil recalls past events. Pakhi receives an unsettling call from Lomoni.

Anxiety Builds

The Shah family anxiously waits for Pakhi's arrival. Anupama grows increasingly worried.

The Search Begins

In a joint decision, Anuj and Anupama decide to go and find Pakhi.

Unanswered Questions

Will Pakhi's disappearance somehow implicate Anupama?

How long can Anupama endure this trying situation? Where is Pakhi? Is Romil involved?"