Anupama's suspicion shifts from Aadi to Romil. She notices something strange in Romil's behavior.

Anupama's Shifting Suspicion

Anupama chases Romil as he tries to secretly leave the house.

Anupama's Chase

Anupama follows Romil and arrives at a mysterious house. Romil enters the house and Anupama discovers Pakhi's bag placed in front of her.

The Mysterious House

Anupama finds her daughter Sweety's bag. She can't contain her emotions and screams, calling out Sweety's name while hugging the bag. Romil, standing behind her, is shocked, and emotional tears flow from his eyes.

An Emotional Discovery

Anupama confronts Romil, demanding to know where her daughter is. Romil remains silent, indicating he knows something about Pakhi's disappearance.

Romil's Revelation

An unexpected twist: Malti Devi returns to 'Anupama.' With her return, the mystery surrounding Pakhi deepens.

Malti Devi's Return

Guru Maa brings Pakhi to the Kapadia house. Anupama, furious upon learning of Romil's involvement, shouts at him. She decides to reveal the truth to Anuj if Pakhi is not found.

Anupama's Anger

As Anupama is about to reveal the truth about Romil to Anuj, Pakhi enters unexpectedly, adding a new twist to the story.

The Surprise Entrance 

Stay tuned for the dramatic turn of events in "Anupama" as the mystery surrounding Pakhi's disappearance unfolds.