In Tuesday’s episode of ‘Anupama’, Vanraj Shah and Samar-Toshu will go in search of Sweety. Here Anupama will also catch Ankush’s son Romil red-handed.

Romil will tell about all those incidents when Pakhi and Adhik misbehaved against him or did wrong to him. Then he will tell what happened that day when Pakhi left Shah House.

Romil will say that he knew that Adhik’s friend was coming and Pakhi was going to Shah’s house. He will say that he had made one of his friends call Pakhi and tell her that he is Adhik’s friend and is planning a surprise party for her.

he twist in the story will come when Romil says that he had asked his friend to keep Pakhi locked in the room but now where has she gone.

The spoiler of the upcoming episode of Anupama shows that Pakhi will get trapped between some people on a deserted road.

when Romil reveals the secret that he had kidnapped Pakhi, but now even he himself does not know where Anupama’s daughter Pakhi is right now.

Romil will say that as per his advice, his friend had opened the door of the room the next day thinking that Pakhi would return home on her own.

Romil will say that he had taken this step to take revenge on Adhik and Pakhi, but he did not know that things would get so bad.

Anupama will slap Ankush’s son hard. While Toshu and Samar have tried to get information about their sister by talking to a goon of the city, on the other hand, it has been shown in the promo video that Pakhi will get caught in the middle of some pranks.

It is shown in the promo video that these boys have come and are standing near Pakhi. Pakhi is unconscious and has no strength left to run away or protect herself.