Anuj intervenes when Sonu misbehaves with a girl, leading to a surprising turn of events.

Anuj's Unexpected Heroism

Anuj's intervention escalates into a heated clash, with Vanraj and others trying to stop the fight.

A Clash at the Celebration

Sonu provokes Anuj, questioning what he would do if he misbehaved with his wife and sister, leading to another altercation.

Sonu's Provocation

Anuj finally spares Sonu but not before delivering a powerful message about respecting women.

Anuj's Decision

The manager calls the police, who arrive to handle the situation, urging Anuj to leave with his team.

Police Involvement

Anupama's actions in the temple have unexpected consequences as the lamp blows off, leaving everyone worried.

The Ominous Omen

Sonu takes a drastic step, but Samar saves Anuj from danger, showcasing the strength of family bonds.

Samar's Heroic Act

Amidst the chaos, opinions vary about the temple lamp's significance and Samar's actions.

Mixed Reactions

After the dramatic turn of events, the family attempts to regain composure through music and laughter.

The Return to Normalcy

Anupama assures Samar that their family will always provide love and support for the next generation.

A Promise of Love