Anupama was basking in the joy of celebrating Samar and Dimpy's parenthood with the Shah ladies.

Joyous Celebrations

The men and women of the family indulged in separate celebrations, adding to the excitement.

Gender-Separate Parties

Tragedy strikes as the news of Samar's untimely demise shatters their happiness.

A Sudden Tragedy

Anupama and the family plunge into mourning, unable to fathom the loss.

Overwhelming Grief

Vanraj points fingers at Anuj, holding him responsible for Samar's death.

Blame Game

Anupama, consumed by grief, joins Vanraj in blaming Anuj for the tragedy.

Anupama's Anguish

Anupama makes a life-altering choice: to leave Anuj and return to the Shah House, where she feels closer to Samar's memory.

A Difficult Decision

 Back at the Shah House, Anupama seeks solace in memories of Samar, longing to feel his presence.

Revisiting Memories

 Stay tuned for upcoming episodes filled with intriguing twists and turns for dedicated

Promising Developments