Anupama-Anuj and Vanraj's World Will Be Ruined, Pakhi's Fate Uncertain! Is Adhik Responsible for Pakhi's Disappearance?

Anupama Spoiler:

In the world of "Anupama," a gripping storyline unfolds as Pakhi mysteriously disappears on Rakshabandhan.


Since Rakshabandhan, Pakhi has been missing, and all attempts to find her have been in vain.

The Disappearance

Adhik's sinister schemes continue, and Pakhi finds herself ensnared in his web of deceit.

A Dark Twist

Anuj and Anupama anxiously search for Pakhi. The police deliver a shocking message, leaving them in despair.

An Upcoming Tragedy 

Vanraj receives distressing news, causing him to break down in tears.

Heartbreaking News

Anupama and Baa share an emotional moment as they hope for Pakhi's safe return.

An Emotional Reunion  

Is Pakhi dead? The answer remains uncertain, and the upcoming episodes will reveal the truth.

Pakhi's Fate

Stay tuned for the dramatic turn of events in "Anupama" as the mystery surrounding Pakhi's disappearance unfolds.