In the upcoming episode of Anupama, the whole family is in shock as they learn about Pakhi's disappearance.

The Disappearance of Pakhi

It's revealed that Romil, despite being frank with Pakhi, had kidnapped her, leading to her escape.

Romil's Involvement

Malti Devi saves Pakhi from potential harm when goons approach her unconscious body.

Malti Devi's Heroic Act

Anupama and the family had been desperate to know Pakhi's whereabouts and what happened to her.

Anupama's Concern

Guru Maa reveals that Romil had an affair with Pakhi, causing a major problem in the family.

Shocking Revelation

The effects of sleeping pills in Pakhi's water become apparent as she remains unconscious and incoherent.

The Effects of Sleeping Medicine

Malti Devi, who has lost her memory, intervenes and scares away the goons trying to take advantage of Pakhi.

Malti Devi's Intervention

Anupama suddenly realizes that Pakhi is on her way home and eagerly waits for her arrival.

Anupama's Realization

Malti Devi arrives home with Pakhi, bringing both joy and concern to the family.

Pakhi's Return

Guru Maa's statement about Pakhi's identity shocks the family as they learn about her mental condition.

Guru Maa's Statement