In a heart-wrenching twist, Dimple faces the loss of her husband Samar. However, the unexpected return of her ex-boyfriend throws her life into turmoil.


Dimple was pregnant, and the family was preparing for a new arrival when her husband Samar tragically died.

Tragedy Strikes:

Dimple's ex-boyfriend is set to return to her life after Samar's death.

A Surprising Twist:

He comes back upon learning about Dimple's situation, with the intention of helping her regain her confidence and passion.

Reunion of Hearts:

Baa, is not pleased with his return and opposes Dimple and Nimmit's friendship, fearing Dimple might rekindle her attraction to her ex-boyfriend.

Leela's Concerns:

Anupama supports the friendship and wants to bid farewell to Dimple as a daughter rather than seeing her live as a widow.

Anupama's Support:

Nimmit also wants to help Dimple during this challenging time.

Nimmit's Intentions:

Dimple, on the other hand, is filled with negative emotions after meeting her ex-boyfriend, as she wishes to move on from her past.

Dimple's Turmoil:

The story is at a crucial turning point, and it remains to be seen how it unfolds.

The Unpredictable Path: