Anuj will be blamed again, Vanraj Shah will be in worse condition

Anupama Spoiler

Toshu Returns Home During Navratri celebrations, a truth hidden by Anuj Kapadia will be revealed.

Anuj’s Secret Exposed

Anuj had discovered that the investigation of Samar’s death could be influenced using political power and kept it a secret.

Anuj Knew About Samar’s Case, Kept Quiet

On Navratri, the family will learn that the case regarding Samar’s death is weakening and Sonu may not be punished.

Anuj Betrayed Anupama

A call from a police officer to Anuj will reveal this truth to the family, leading to accusations against Anuj.

Police’s Phone Call Reveals His Involvement in Samar’s Death

After the truth is revealed, Toshu decides to stay with his family out of guilt for not supporting them earlier.

Toshu Feels Guilty for Leaving Anupamaa

Everyone knows that Anupama’s daughter Pakhi cannot become a mother, but this information has not been shared with Vanraj Shah, Leela, and others at Shah Niwas.

Anupamaa in Tears

 What Will Happen Next After Anuj’s Revelation?

Anupamaa Serial Twis

The episode ends on a cliffhanger, leaving readers in suspense about what will happen next in the series.