Romil knocks on the door, waiting for his friend to open the door. Anupama looks at him.

Romil takes out spare keys from under a pot and enters the house. He sees something shocking.

Anupama peeps inside the house and finds Pakhi's handbag. She shouts for Sweety and asks Romil where her daughter is.

Vanraj decides to search for Pakhi and leaves the house. The family is worried.

Samar and Toshu offer to help search for Pakhi. They decide to knock on doors and seek information.

Anupama confronts Romil, asking him why he didn't speak up when the police arrested Adhik and where Pakhi is.

Romil reveals that he did it as revenge against Adhik and Pakhi for accusing him. Anupama is shocked.

Samar and Toshu encounter a girl who is not Pakhi but is recording a video for social media.

Anupama continues to press Romil for answers about Pakhi's whereabouts.

Romil explains how he tricked Pakhi into leaving the house but claims it was just a prank.

Anupama is furious with Romil for his actions.

 (Preview of next episode): Anupama warns Romil about the consequences if anything happens to her daughter. Meanwhile, Pakhi encounters three mysterious goons.