Anuj suspects Romil's involvement in Pakhi's disappearance. Anupama is furious with Romil's reckless prank.

Anupama scolds Romil for his thoughtless actions and emphasizes the gravity of the situation.

Samar and Toshu join the search for Pakhi, hoping for her safe return.

Anupama confronts Romil, demanding answers about Pakhi's whereabouts.

Romil reveals he locked Pakhi in a room and gave her sleeping pills. Panic sets in.

Anupama attempts to call for help, but there's no network. The situation intensifies.

Samar and Toshu scour a location given by a tip, but Pakhi remains missing.

Anupama's prayers for Pakhi's safety go unanswered, and fear looms.

The search continues as Romil faces consequences for his irresponsible actions.

Tensions rise, and the family is determined to find Pakhi.

Amidst desperation, Anupama senses a glimmer of hope.

Samar and Toshu make a crucial discovery, leading them closer to Pakhi.

Anupama's faith in divine intervention strengthens as they inch closer to finding Pakhi.

An emotional moment unfolds as the family reunites with Pakhi.

Relief washes over them, and they cherish their reunion.

Their prayers are answered, and Pakhi is safe.

The ordeal ends as the family thanks the divine for Pakhi's return.