[Pakhi calls for help. Gurumaa holds her hand to help her get up.]

[Anuj talks to the Police and says please search Pakhi.]

[Anupama is crying and looks at the door waiting for Pakhi.]

[Anuj asks Anupama what she is looking at outside, there is nobody outside. Anupama says Sweety is coming. 

[They see Malti Devi bringing Pakhi there and get happy. Anupama runs to Pakhi and hugs her. Song plays….Everyone rushes to her.]

[Samar says sorry Papa, we couldn’t search Pakhi. Toshu says we talked to the man who has criminal records but couldn’t find her.]

[Anupama cares for Pakhi and says thank god, you have returned and with you, our happiness has returned.]

[Adhik comes to Anupama and folds his hands, asking her to let him stay with Pakhi for some time. Anupama goes from there. Adhik looks at Pakhi.]

[Adhik keeps his head on Pakhi’s tummy and asks her not to leave him next time, as he is very scared. Romil cries sitting in his room and says thank god, Pakhi is found.]

[Adhik cries and apologizes to Pakhi. Pakhi asks him not to cry and says It is not your mistake.]

[Anupama comes to Anuj and gives medicine for Gurumaa.]

[Adhik asks Pakhi if they have done something. Pakhi says no, they have kept me in a good room that had AC and gave my favorite food every 2-3 hours, and the kidnapper seems to be decent

[Vanraj and the family members, come to Pakhi. Vanraj asks how is she. He gets happy.]

Baa tells that Romil will mend his ways once he goes to jail. Vanraj says he will not leave him. Ankush tries to defend Romil.]

[Vanraj says it is a serious crime. Romil says he was playing a prank and says that he didn’t know that this would happen.]

[Vanraj asks him to come to the PS. Ankush tries to stop him.]

Ankush apologizes to him and says I guarantee that Romil will not make any mistake after that. 

 [Malti Devi comes there and says where is that girl? Anupama goes to her. Malti Devi couldn’t identify her. Anupama says I am Anupama.]

[Precap: Pakhi says they shall complete the festival. She ties Rakhi to her brothers and also to Babu Ji. She then ties Rakhi to Anuj and Romil also.]