Anupama: Episode Recap – Money Mystery Unveiled

Vanraj and Kavya's emotional moment

Vanraj's love expression

Vanraj and Kavya have an emotional conversation where Vanraj expresses his love and concerns.

Anupama's family searches for missing money

"The search for the lost money continues.

Anupama's family has intensified their search, and Adhi is trying to pin the blame by interrogating Romil.

Kavya's dilemma and Babuji's conversation

Kavya's Inner Turmoil.

Kavya is in a dilemma about whether to call Anupama or not. Then he has a touching conversation with Babuji.

Baa's anger and Kinjal's efforts

Ba's anger burst out.

 Baa gets furious when Kavya comes out of the room and tries to pacify Baa, Kinjal, and Babuji try to pacify her.

Search continues for money hidden by Adhi

The constant search for lost money.

 The family's relentless efforts to trace the lost money, involves Romil's room being searched.

 Pakhi's discovery and Romill's denial

Pakhi's search for money.

 Pakhi finds money in Romil's room, leading to a shocking revelation that Romil denies.

Allegations and Arguments

Tensions increased.

 Heated arguments and recriminations ensue between the family members, Romil suspects Adhi and Barkha.

 Anuj's Ultimatum

Anuj's warning.

 Anuj's desperation reaches its limit as he warns the family of the possible consequences, even going so far as to involve the police.

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