Guru Maa Malti Devi wants to increase her influence

Guru Maa Malti Devi is determined to gain more power and control in the Kapadia household.

Malti Devi demands to be consulted before every decision is made in the Kapadia household, regardless of its significance.

She wants to be consulted before every decision

Malti Devi desires a share of the Kapadia property, but her son, Anuj, is not in favor of it.

Malti Devi is also interested in a share of the property

Barkha fuels Malti Devi's anger by informing her that Anuj and Anupama have gone to the Shah household instead of returning home from the office.

Barkha provokes Malti Devi

Malti Devi is furious that Anupama is not spending enough time in the Kapadia household, which she believes is her rightful place.

Malti Devi is enraged

Bapuji seeks Anupama and Anuj's advice on how to deal with Vanraj's deteriorating mental health.

Vanraj's mental health.

Leela brings Dimple to the Shah household and criticizes her for eating golgappas on the road with her students, which she believes is inappropriate behavior for a widow.

Leela drags Dimple into the Shah household

Anupama scolds Leela and Dimple for judging Dimple based on her widowhood, reminding them that it is wrong to discriminate against people based on their marital status.

Anupama explains to Leela and Dimple

Romil confronts Malti Devi for reading his letters without his permission and reminds her that she is not the mistress of the house, so she should not behave like one.

Romil confronts Malti Devi 

Anupama overrules Malti Devi's decision and allows Romil to do group study at home with his friends, demonstrating her support for him.

Anupama changes her decision