Toshu's plans for the UK

Toshu announces his plans to move to the UK with Kinjal.

Vanraj refuses to let them go, leading to an argument within the Shah family.

Vanraj's disapproval

Anupama tries to mediate the situation but is unsuccessful.

Anupama's mediation

Devika poses as a food blogger and meets Vinay, the accused in Sonu's case.

Devika's undercover mission

Vinay is attracted to Devika and asks her to accompany him to his hotel.

Vinay's advances

Devika declines and Anupama and Anuj watch from a distance.

Anupama and Anuj's surveillance

Anuj's unexpected arrival at the cafe almost ruins the plan.

Anuj's unexpected arrival

Devika is able to think on her feet and cover for them.

Devika's quick thinking

Devika leaves Anupama and Anuj together so that they can talk.

Anupama and Anuj's private conversation

Anupama is worried about Anuj's safety, but he assures her that he will be careful.

Anupama's concern for Anuj's safety