Viral Video Complicates Samar’s Case

The Kapadia family learns about a viral video of Vanraj and Suresh Rathore, which weakens Samar’s death case.

Anupama asserts that a mother, like a father, will not give up on seeking justice for her son.

Anupama’s Determination for Justice

 In the Shah family, Dimpy wishes to attend dance class, but faces opposition from Baa and neighborhood women.

Dimpy’s Desire to Dance

 Anupama supports Dimpy, advocating for the rights of widowed women and challenging societal norms.

Anupama Advocates for Widows’ Rights

Anupama emphasizes that a woman’s identity is not solely tied to her husband and encourages Dimpy to live as she desires.

Anupama’s Empowering Message

Despite Baa’s resistance, Anupama continues to share her progressive views with Dimpy.

Anupama Challenges Traditional Norms

Anupama finds Vanraj angry at home and tries to control his anger along with the rest of the family.

Vanraj’s Anger and Anupama’s Intervention

 She motivates Vanraj by reminding him of Samar’s aspirations, leading Vanraj to declare his comeback.

Vanraj’s Motivational Moment:

In the Kapadia mansion, Malti Devi expresses her desire to help in the business during a conversation between Adhik and Barkha.

Malti Devi’s Business Aspirations

 Barkha appears worried about Malti Devi’s involvement in the business

Barkha’s Worries About Malti Devi