A written update of an Indian television drama series called Anupama

Anupama 18th October 2023 Written Episode

 Vanraj loses his cool and holds Suresh’s head, accusing him of ruining his life and business

Vanraj loses his cool

Suresh shouts and tells the people that Vanraj has beaten him, but he smiles secretly as he enjoys Vanraj’s downfall

Vanraj’s downfall

Kavya wonders why Anupama and Anuj brought Vanraj by now, as she fears that they might have a hidden motive

Hidden motive

Babu ji tells Kavya not to worry and says nothing wrong will happen, as he trusts Anupama and Anuj

Babu ji's trust

Baa asks who the people who come there, as she sees some unfamiliar faces

Unfamiliar faces

Dimpy says they are Samar’s students, who have come to support him and his family

Samar’s students

The students say that they couldn’t come before, as they were having exams, but they wanted to meet Samar and thank him for his guidance

Samar’s students

The students also say that Samar was their mentor, guide, friend, and elder brother, who gave them good values and taught them to be happy

Samar's good values and taught

The students say that they are backing off from the dance competition, as they feel they can’t perform without Samar

Student's Problem

Dimpy says that she will fulfill Samar’s dream, and says she will prepare them for the competition and they will win for Samar

Samar’s dream

Leela is shocked by Dimpy's decision, as she thinks it is too risky and difficult

Dimpy's decision