Teri Meri Doriyaann written update latest 7th Nov: Sirat turned the tables, and a storm came again into Sahiba’s life.

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Everyone knows about Sirat and how she kept the truth hidden. Because of that, Angad and Sahiba had become distant. She is also not one to accept defeat and will twist the matter in such a way that the entire blame will fall on Sahiba.

Angad feels that to date no one has cheated him as big as Sirat has. She didn’t feel so bad even when she left the mandap. Angad is in no mood to forgive her. He has tried to find love by deception. Because of Sirat, a rift arose in the lives of Angad and Sahiba. In the 7th November episode of Teri Meri Doriyan, we will see that Sirat gives her clarification. After Gary’s departure, she became lonely and what is wrong if she falls in true love?

Manveer left Sirat

Angad will be so angry that he will not want to listen to a word from Sirat and will ask her to keep quiet. Sirat will still feel that she did not do anything wrong. Manveer also always supported him. She will ask for one last chance from Angad. Manveer felt that Sirat cared so much for Angad and she was also his first choice. For this reason, the marriage was announced. Manveer will also curse Sirat in front of everyone and will call her action shameful. Sirat is surprised to see Manveer’s changed face.

Sirat’s revelation to Angad

Angad does not yet know that Sahiba is about to sign the divorce papers. He also wrote the first letter of his name as ‘S’. Now that Angad is insulting Sirat so much, she will raise this matter. The one on whom he trusts so much, some time ago she was about to sign the divorce papers. It was Angad’s turn to be shocked. He couldn’t believe it, and Sahiba agreed to divorce him. This thing from Sirat changed the whole situation.

Sirat’s new plan

Sirat feels very happy in her heart as Angad asks Sahiba if she is going to sign the divorce papers. Sahiba wanted to end this relationship. Meanwhile, both Sirat and Manveer try to provoke Angad. Sirat should have apologized but now the situation has become such that Sahiba will apologize to Angad.

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