Teri Meri Doriyaann written update 31 Oct: Shocking news for Sahiba, Angad’s troubles will not ease.

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These days the episode of Teri Meri Doriyan focuses on Angad. While fighting with Rumi, he saves Sahiba but gets shot. He is undergoing treatment in the hospital and as soon as he regains consciousness, he takes Sahiba's name.

In the 31st October episode of ‘Teri Meri Doriyan

we will see that Angad is admitted to the hospital after being shot. All the family members have reached the hospital. Manveer will curse Sahiba for this whole situation. He feels that this has happened because of him. Along with Manveer, Sirat will also speak ill of him. On one hand, Angad is in the hospital, and on the other hand, Rumi is also undergoing treatment. He talks to Sahiba alone because many types of illusions occur in his mind. Rumi’s father is worried about her. When the police tell him, he will come to know that Rumi is accused of kidnapping and attempting to murder.

Manveer will be angry at Sahiba

Sahiba’s family members also reached the hospital. They feel happy seeing him. Manveer will be angry at him that his curse has hurt Angad. Ajit will answer that he is not talking to her. He wants to apologize for whatever he has said but wants to apologize not to Manveer but to the family members. Inder forbids them from doing so. His anger was justified at that time. Sahiba is alive, what more is needed?

Angad did not get bail

Rumi is in the hospital and takes Sahiba’s name again and again. Rumi’s father wants to know who Sahiba is, then the police tell him that she has been kidnapped. He now comes to know that Sahiba is Angad’s wife. Meanwhile, there will be news of relief for Angad. Doctors will tell him that he is out of danger. His troubles are still not over. Rumi is not in a condition to give a statement, hence Angad also does not get bail.

Sahiba gets angry after knowing this because he is safe and yet he did not get bail. Angad was found with the dead body of a girl and is accused of her murder. Nothing can happen until Rumi’s mental condition improves.

Angad and Sahiba’s meeting

Angad regains consciousness. Everyone is happy to see this. They come to meet him. As soon as he regains consciousness, he first calls Sahiba. He wants to meet him. Then Sahiba comes inside. Manveer and Sirat do not like it.

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