Teri Meri Doriyaann written update 29 Oct: Latest Twist in the show, Sahiba is found but Rumi will shoot Angad

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Angad will finally find Sahiba in Teri Meri Doriyan. He beats Rumi badly. Police also reaches there but Rumi shoots from the police gun which hits Angad.

In the Oct 29 episode of Teri Meri Doriyan, we will see that Angad is in the jungle and is searching for Sahiba. Sahiba is about to call out to him when Rumi comes from behind and shuts her mouth. Angad is close to her but he cannot see her. Sahiba tries hard to free herself. Angad had heard her voice but again no voice came from her, hence he is confused. Rumi holds him. After some time, Angad reaches there and beats Rumi badly.

Sahiba stopped Angad

Angad and Sahiba become emotional after seeing each other. Angad was confident that nothing would happen to Sahiba. Rumi rises again to kill Angad. He asks Sahiba to leave. He has started considering her as his wife. When Rumi comes to kill him, he grabs him by the neck and throws him. Sahiba keeps seeing Angad’s anger. He is about to hit her with a hammer but Sahiba stops him.

Sahiba followed Rumi

Meanwhile, the police reach there. Seeing the opportunity, Rumi runs away from there. Sahiba runs after Rumi to stop her. When the police reach Angad, Sahiba is not there. She follows him to his base. Angad also reaches there with the police. Seeing Sahiba in front, the police become convinced that Angad was right. He is the one who has kidnapped Sahiba and brought her here.

Angad got shot

The police handcuffs Rumi but suddenly he takes the gun from the police and points it at Sahiba. As soon as he fires the bullet, Angad pushes Sahiba due to which the bullet hits her. When Rumi’s mental condition is not good, he still talks about living his life with Sahiba.

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