Teri Meri Doriyaann written update 30 Oct: Angad’s condition critical due to a bullet injury, Rumi’s mental condition deteriorated

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Rumi’s bullet hits Angad. He is admitted to the hospital but his condition is still critical. On the other hand, Rumi has started talking nonsense. It seems his mental condition is not good.

Rumi shoots Sahiba but Angad gets hit. Rumi thinks he has shot Sahiba. His mental condition is not good. The police take the gun from his hand. In the October 30 episode of ‘Teri Meri Doriyan’, we will see that the police take Angad to the hospital. Angad has become like this but the family members don’t know anything yet. Everyone is sitting worried. Sirat will bring tea but no one drinks it. Angad asks for a phone from the police and makes a video call to the family. He shows it to Sahiba on the phone. Manveer and Sirat don’t feel good to see that Sahiba is alive while others are happy.

Angad cleared the misconceptions

Sahiba says that Angad has been shot so she is going to the hospital. Manveer blames Sahiba for this also. After that Sahiba calls her home. There is no limit to their happiness after seeing that he is alive. Everyone thought Sahiba was dead, only Angad believed that she was alive. Angad tells the past when he tried hard to find her. He had also reached his hostel. He wanted to clear all the misunderstandings. The police take Angad to the hospital.

Inder angry at the police

Rumi feels that she has killed Sahiba and herself. He is in the hospital but now his mental condition has deteriorated. He talks to Sahiba alone. Meanwhile, Angad’s family members reach the hospital. Inder gets angry at the police for not believing what Angad said. He feels that the police have shot Angad and now he is fighting for his life and death. He threatens to take off his uniform. Then Sahiba says that Angad was shot not by the police but by someone else.

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