Anupama Spoiler: Anupama Upcoming Twist: The real reason for Samar’s death is revealed! 2nd Oct 2023

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The atmosphere will deteriorate during the party in the club

Anupamaa 30 September Episode Recap:

In Saturday’s episode of Anupamaa, the reason why Anupamaa’s son Samar will die will be revealed. The men of the house will go out for a party and the situation will worsen there.

Anupamaa 30 September Episode Written Update: For the first time in the 30th September episode of Anupama, the reason why Samar will die is shown. Saturday’s episode of the Anupama serial will start with Samar’s emotional speech. On the one hand, he will thank his father, on the other hand, he will also tell his family that he wants his child to have everyone’s qualities.

Anupama will feel something bad happening

The story will progress and everyone in the house will get ready for the party. Samar, Toshu, Adhik, Vanraj, Anuj, and Bapuji will go out to a club to party and the women of the house will also get ready and start preparing for the home celebration. Before leaving, Anupama feels several times that something wrong is going to happen with Samar.

Anuj will have an argument with the domineering boys in the club

When the men of the house reach the club to party, the manager will allow them a table on which everyone will sit and start enjoying soft drinks and playing games. Meanwhile, some domineering and spoiled boys will enter the club. These boys will ask Anuj and the others to get up from that table and leave. They will say that this is their reserved table.

Anuj will remain alive after taking a sip of poison.

Anuj Kapadia will first try to control the situation through talks, but then when things don’t work out, he will silently agree to change the tables so that Samar’s special day is not spoiled. However, these boys will still not desist and will continue misbehaving. Anuj Kapadia and Vanraj Shah will be left after taking a sip of poison, but then the misbehavior of these boys will start increasing. According to speculations, it is because of these boys that Samar will die.

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