Anupamaa written update 8 Nov: Guru Maa got irritated with this action of Pakhi, and Anupama stopped talking to Malti Devi.

Anupama’s Dance Class

The episode begins with Anupama’s dance class, where Titu clumsily saves Dimpy from falling. Dimpy, ever the perfectionist, is still not satisfied with Titu’s performance and scolds him for his lack of coordination. Anupama, on the other hand, appreciates Titu’s effort and thanks him for his quick thinking.

Later, Titu reveals to Anupama that Dimpy is pregnant. Anupama is thrilled for the couple and congratulates them on their impending parenthood.

Younger Anu’s School

At younger Anu’s school, the teacher informs Malti Devi that Anupama and Anuj will be attending the upcoming sports annual day function. Malti Devi, who is always eager to control every aspect of her granddaughter’s life, readily agrees to attend the function. However, in her mind, she makes plans to attend the function with her son, Adhik, instead of Anupama and Anuj.

Shah House

Back at the Shah house, Leela Ben warns Anupama about Malti Devi’s intentions. Baa, on the other hand, dismisses Leela’s concerns as mere suspicion. Meanwhile, Malti Devi arrives at the Shah house and fumes upon seeing the pile of expensive items that Pakhi has ordered online using Anuj’s money. She confronts Pakhi about her wasteful spending, and Pakhi defends herself by saying that she is simply enjoying the perks of being married to a wealthy man.

Anupama and Kavya’s Conversation

Anupama and Kavya share a heartfelt conversation, expressing their worries and concerns about each other’s well-being. Kavya, who has been through her own share of struggles, advises Anupama to take a break from her responsibilities and focus on her own needs for a while.

Anupama’s Call to Abhira Sharma

Anupama calls Abhira to inquire about the resort booking for her upcoming trip. However, due to a misunderstanding, Abhira assumes that Anupama is scolding her for something. Abhira gets defensive and starts lecturing Anupama about her shortcomings as a mother. Anupama, with her characteristic patience and understanding, calmly explains to Abhira that she was not scolding her but simply trying to clear up a misunderstanding. She then uses the opportunity to impart some valuable life lessons to Abhira, reminding her of the strength and resilience that every girl possesses.

Barkha’s Provocation

As soon as Barkha witnesses Malti Devi’s frustration with Pakhi’s behavior, she takes the opportunity to fuel the fire. Barkha paints a negative picture of Pakhi, exaggerating her flaws and highlighting her wasteful spending habits. She also warns Malti Devi that once Dimpy and Toshu move to America, Anupama and Anuj will have complete control over the household. Barkha’s words further solidify Malti Devi’s resolve to assert her dominance in her son’s house.

Malti Devi’s Declaration of Authority

Malti Devi confidently declares that she is the rightful ruler of her son’s house, emphasizing that a mother always holds the most power in her son’s life. She dismisses Anupama’s influence, claiming that she is unaware of the true dynamics of a mother-son relationship.

Anupama’s Plan for Chhoti Anu

Upon returning home and learning that Malti Devi has taken Chhoti Anu out for a night stay, Anupama expresses her disapproval. She confronts Malti Devi about her constant interference in her decisions regarding Chhoti Anu’s upbringing. Anupama firmly asserts that she will not tolerate Malti Devi’s attempts to control her life and her granddaughter’s life.

Anupama’s Inner Conflict

Later, Anupama reflects on her conversation with Malti Devi. She expresses her weariness of constantly dealing with Malti Devi’s meddling and her desire to protect Chhoti Anu from any further exposure to Malti Devi’s negativity. Anupama silently pleads with her Guru Maa for guidance and support, hoping that she will find a way to shield Chhoti Anu from unnecessary stress while still maintaining a respectful relationship with Malti Devi.

Malti Devi’s Plans for Chhoti Anu

Malti Devi, on the other hand, is elated with the prospect of spending the entire next day with Chhoti Anu. She envisions a day filled with bonding and creating cherished memories with her granddaughter. She is determined to make the most.

Precap: Anupama tells Anuj that she will go to pick Choti. Barkha says Malti devi had gone there already. Later Anupama comes to know about Malti devi attending Choti’s school function and is going there and falls on the road. Malti Devi to participate with Choti in the competition.

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