Anupamaa written update 31st Oct: Romil will be caught watching porn videos, Malti Devi will trap Pakhi.

Anupamaa 31st October 2023 Full Episode

In Tuesday’s episode of Anupama, Romil will be caught watching porn videos at home. After this Anupama will go and tell this to Anuj Kapadia and Ankush.

Anupamaa 31st October 2023 Full Episode

In Tuesday’s episode of Anupama, you will see that Bapuji will take Vanraj Shah with him for a morning walk. Will introduce him to his elderly friends from the Laughing Club in the park. When the elderly people would be laughing in circles in the park, Bapuji would ask Vanraj Shah to laugh and dance with everyone, but he would refuse. Vanraj Shah will say that the more he tries to laugh, the more he feels like crying. Later Bapuji will explain to him that sorrow happens in everyone’s life but people learn to live. Bapuji will give Vanraj Shah an example to his friends that how there is nothing in his life today yet he is trying to live.

Romil’s truth will be revealed to Anupama

On the other hand, in Kapadia Mansion, when Anupama is going to Romil’s room to return his book, she will come to know that he watches porn videos on his laptop. Anupama will tell this to Anuj and then together they will talk to Ankush about this. Anupama and Anuj will explain to Ankush that all this is very normal at this age. Anupama will explain to Ankush that he should talk to his son about this as a friend, otherwise, he might go on the wrong path due to his curiosity. Pakhi will once again feel ignored in Kapadia Mansion. She will feel that everyone is taking care of Dimple but ignoring her.

Dimpy will go to College Fest with a friend

Guru Maa Malti Devi will once again try to provoke Pakhi. Guru Maa will say that Anupama’s world is very big so she is not able to pay attention to it. She will assure Pakhi that she will do everything possible for her. On the other hand, one of her friends will take Dimple to a college festival where she will feel very positive. She will feel very positive about this function and then her friend will come and tell her that a big social media influencer is coming to perform a dance at this event, whose fan following is in crores.

Malti Devi’s second son’s name will be Tapesh

At the end of the show, a promo video is shown in which Pakhi meets a person named Tapesh and tells him that his dance is nonsense. Hearing this, even Tapesh will be wondering that if crores of people praise his dance, then who is this girl who is calling his dance bad? Tapesh will naturally be attracted to Dimple. If reports are to be believed, later on, Dimple will fall in love with Tapesh and then both of them will later come to know that Tapesh is none other than Guru Maa Malti Devi’s second son. Stay connected with Live Hindustan for further updates on the show.

Precap: Tapish performs on the song Jai Jai Shiv Shankar. Dimpy says your dance spoiled my mood and I am leaving so think how bad it was. Anupama and Anuj make arrangements of Kavya’s godh bharayi. Malti Devi gets upset.

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