Anupama written update 30th Oct: Romil’s truth will be revealed in front of Anupama, Bapuji will scold Toshu for this act.

Anupama 30th October Full Episode

In Monday’s episode of TV serial Anupamaa, you will see that Malti Devi will once again try to dominate Anu and warn her about Anuj.

Anupama 30th October 2023 Full Episode Written Update

In the TV serial Anupama, on one hand, things are becoming unbalanced in Shah Niwas, while on the other hand, the insecurity of some people in Kapadia Mansion is going to become a headache for Anuj Kapadia. In Monday’s episode of the serial, you will see that Anupama will bring Dimple out after getting ready and will ask Guru Maa how Dimple is looking. Seeing Pakhi standing behind, Malti Devi will say that Dimple is looking very beautiful. When Anuj and Anand are taking care of Dimple, while narrating to Pakhi, Guru Maa will say that when a woman is about to become a mother, everyone takes care of her. She suddenly becomes very special to everyone.

Bapuji will scold Toshu for this act.

On the other hand, in Shah Niwas, Toshu would be talking to someone on the phone about going abroad and meanwhile, his daughter would be crying in the cradle. He will concentrate on his work without caring about the girl, and will even ignore Vanraj Shah when he repeatedly tries to say something to Toshu. Seeing this attitude, Bapuji will get angry at Toshu and in anger will take Vanraj Shah to the bank to help him in doing his work. Toshu will feel very bad seeing this.

Malti Devi will give this warning to Anupama

When Kavya gets a stomach ache, Leela will take care of her, and while expressing her heart, she will say that with time, people start considering the elders as household items, but it is the experience of the elders that helps the children in difficult times. While waiting for Anuj at night, Guru Maa and Anupama will talk to each other and during the conversation, Malti Devi will give a hint to Anupama that her behavior will depend on how Anupama behaves towards her and her son. .

Romil’s truth will be revealed in front of Anupama

When Anuj and Anupama are sitting at the dining table and eating, then Romil comes there. Anuj will ask him how was his group study. All three will sit together at the dining table to eat kheer. While leaving, Romil will forget his book there and later Anupama will move towards Romil’s room to return his book. If the door is not opened, Anupama will push the gate and there she will see something that will blow her away. But what is it that Romil is hiding from the family? We will know this in the next episode.

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