Anupamaa written update 1 Nov: Malti Devi played a trick against Anupama, made younger Anu a weapon, Anuj will be the victim.

Anupama 1 November Episode Update

In today’s episode of Anupama, Anupama-Anuj will prepare for Kavya’s baby shower. During this time, Malti Devi will once again conspire to seduce her son. Know what will happen today…

Anupama Today’s Written Update

Anupama will start and it will be seen that both Anu and Anuj will be preparing for Kavya’s baby shower. In such a situation, Malti Devi will come and ask many questions. Malti Devi will be worried as to why Anuj is spending his money on this baby shower, and why is he worrying about Anupama’s ex-husband Vanraj. Malti Devi will ask many questions and Anupama will answer all of them, but even after this, Guru Maa will think in her mind that she will have to get Anuj out of all this. Know what will happen next in the show…

Tapish’s entry in the show

It will be seen further in Anupama that the new character Tapish Titu has entered the show. Dimpy will be accompanying her friend to an event, where Tapish will be entering with Swaid. Dimpy will ask again and again who is this? After this, it will be known that Tapish is a dancer and after that, he will give his performance. Dimpy will give a dance performance of Tapish. After this there will be a conversation between the two but Dimpy will not be impressed at all by Tapish. Dimpy will insult Tapish many times.

Baa-Anupama’s conversation

On the other hand, it will be seen that Anupama will stay with Baa and talk about Kavya’s baby shower. Only then Vanraj and Bapuji will come together. After this, Anupama will tell Vanraj that Kavya’s baby shower is scheduled for tomorrow. After this, Anupama will ask Vanraj whether he will sit in place of Kavya’s father. Vanraj will go away without answering this. Seeing this, Ba-Bapuji will become sad but Anupama will give them hope. After this, Baa will tell Anupama not to put Guru Maa on her head.

Anupama-Toshu and Kinjal’s argument regarding Pari

When Anupama is leaving Shah House, Toshu-Kinjal will be seen at the door. In such a situation, Anupama will invite both of them to Kavya’s baby shower. During this, Baa will once again taunt both of them. Anupama, meanwhile, will ask Toshu and Kinjal about Pari, and why they left her at home. In such a situation, Toshu-Kinjal will tell it to Anupama… but Anupama will stop both of them from talking. Anupama will say to make it a habit to send Pari to daycare.

Malti Devi played a trick

At the end of the show, it will be seen that Malti Devi has again made a move against Anupama. Malti Devi will see the sports day invitation card of Little Anu’s school, where there will be an invitation for Anuj-Anupama. But Malti Devi will think of hiding this card and will say in her mind – ‘I will go to Chhoti’s sports day and if Anuj asks, I will tell him that Anupama did not remember that today is Chhoti’s function.’ In such a situation, will the bandage for Guru Maa be removed from Anupama’s eyes?

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