Anupama 22nd October 2023 Written Episode Update: Pakhi took a tough class

Anupamaa Written Update Today (Oct 22-2023): Anupamaa Serial Written Episode: Telly Update: Anupama Spoilers: Anupama upcoming twist: Anupama Upcoming Story Trendingheadlines.In

Anupama Full Episode 22 October

Today Toshu will tell the family that he is going to the UK with Kinjal. Anupama will reprimand Pakhi a lot. Apart from this, know what will happen in today’s episode of Anupama.

Anupama written Update full episode

In today’s episode of Anupama, an argument will be seen among the family. The episode will start and it will be seen that as soon as Toshu-Kinjal enters the Shah family, Baa starts taunting. Meanwhile, Toshu-Kinjal is told that Suresh Rathore has threatened to kill the entire family. On this Toshu will say that the case should be withdrawn. But Vanraj will not agree and angrily tells Toshu that he and Kinjal are going to the UK. Know what else will happen in the episode…

Anupama will tell Pakhi

On one hand, all this will be happening in the Shah family, while on the other hand, in the Kapadia mansion, Anupama will scold Pakhi and tell her to do whatever she likes. Meanwhile, Anuj will come and tell Anupama-Devika that the court date has come. Further in the Shah family, it will be seen that Vanraj will talk to Samar’s picture in the room alone and say that his parents will fight. Just then Kavya will come there and say – ‘A call came from Anupama; I have got the court date for tomorrow.’

Devika will try to trap Vinay in his life

The show will move ahead and it will be seen that Anupama will perform puja at Kapadia Mansion, while on the other hand, the entire Shah family will also bow before Kanha ji. After this, it will be seen that Devika-Anupama will go to the cafe of the accused Sonu’s friend Vinay. Devika will meet Vinay by posing as a food blogger but during this time, if Vinay asks her to accompany him to his hotel, Devika will avoid it. But I will talk about the meeting next week. Meanwhile, Anupama will click the photo of Vinay and Devika. At home, Malti Devi will tell Anuj that Anupama should ask you and do the work. But Anuj will tell it to him only. Meanwhile, Barkha will come and taunt Malti Devi.

Anuj spoils the plan

After this, Anuj will also reach Devika-Anupama and both will be completely shocked to see him. The whole plan could have been spoiled due to Anuj’s arrival like this, but it did not happen. Anupama is worried about Anuj’s security. Then when Vinay comes out of the cafe, all three will hide. After this, Devika goes with both of them for tea at Tapri and deliberately leaves them together, so that they can talk and bridge the distance.

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