Anupama Spoiler: Anupama played this trick with Devika and Anuj, Sonu got trapped

Anupama Upcoming: A big twist is going to come in the upcoming episode of Anupama. It will be seen in the show that Sonu is trapped in the tricks of Anuj-Devika and Anupama.

Anupamaa Main Kal kya hoga: In today’s episode of Anupamaa, you will see that Dimpy has come to Kapadia Mansion with Anuj and Anu. During this time, if Pakhi taunts her, Dimpy will also retort and stop speaking. On the other hand, the entire Shah family and Barkha-Malti Devi will be worried to know what is the plan of Anupama-Devika and Anuj. Know what will happen next in the show…

What will happen next…

In the promo of Anupama, it is seen that Samar’s murderer Sonu is sitting with friends in the club. All of them are having a party and playing table, then Anupama comes there and starts playing table sitting on a chair among his friends. Everyone is surprised to see this. After this, Anupama says to Sonu- ‘I don’t think that you have fired a bullet at my Samar.’ Hearing this, Sonu will get angry and point the gun at Anupama and say – ‘This is the same pistol with which you killed your son.’ After this, it is seen in the shot that Ravana has been burnt.

Sonu will get trapped in Anupama’s tricks!

This promo has increased the excitement of the audience and looking at it, it seems that Anupama has made a big move. In which Sonu is trapped. As Suresh had done with Vanraj, he had provoked him and made a video. Perhaps Anupama has done the same with Sonu by getting him angry and recording his video. Samar can get justice because Sonu himself would have confessed that it was he who shot Samar.

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