Anupama Written update 16th October: Happiness came into Anupama’s life, Anuj became emotional; Shah family comes together

Anupamaa Written Update: There will be happiness once again in 'Anupama'. The relationship between Anuj and Anupama will start improving. Little Anu will find her grandmother. Anupama will get a glimpse of her summer.
Khushiyon will knock on the door of Kapadia House. Anupamaa will have tears of happiness in her eyes after a long time. Anuj will become emotional. Pakhi will become emotional. On the other hand, the Shah family will be united once again. Everyone will come together for the sake of Vanraj. Both the families will decide to celebrate the festival of Navratri together. Read the written update of the episode to be telecast today.

Malti Devi’s efforts

At the beginning of the episode, it will be shown that Malti Devi will teach dance to little Anu. After learning dance, little Anu will call Malti Devi Guru Maa. In such a situation, Malti Devi will explain to younger Anu that she is her grandmother, hence she should call her grandmother and not Guru Maa. Little Anu will agree. She will say, ‘First you promise me that you will never leave Papa and will never hurt Papa.’ Malti Devi will say, ‘This grandmother of yours will not go anywhere leaving your father. Your grandmother will take care of both you and your father.

Anuj will ask questions to Anupama

On one hand, Malti Devi will try to make the Kapadia family her own. On the other hand, Anupama will also try to fix everything between herself and Anuj. After Vanraj’s checkup, Anupama will talk to Anuj. She will go to Kapadia House with Anuj. Anuj will ask Anupama, ‘When will I get my Anu completely?’ Anupama will get emotional. Both will start remembering the old days. Anuj will hold Anupama’s hand and ask, ‘Will you ever be able to forgive me?’ Anupama will say, ‘I am trying, but need some time.’ Anuj will say, ‘Take as much time as you need. Just don’t leave your younger brother. I will die.’

Anupama will be happy

Anupama will be scared after hearing about Anuj’s death. But, as soon as she reaches Kapadia House, she will get the biggest happiness of her life. The child to whom Samar’s eyes were donated will stand in front of Anupama. Anupama will be happy to see him. He will feel as if his summer is back. She will feed him laddus with her own hands. Anupama will say, ‘My Samar had forbidden me to cry. But these are tears of happiness. Today I felt happy. My summer is alive as someone’s eyes and someone’s heartbeat. My summer is alive. Pakhi will become emotional seeing Anupama and that boy together.

The whole family will come together

On one hand, Anupama will be happy because of that boy. On the other hand, Vanraj will be in shock. Kavya will tell everyone that Vanraj is not well. Sometimes he will become emotional. Will get angry sometimes. We will have to be patient with Vanraj. Tashu, Kinjal, and Dimpy will come along. All three will work together to bring Vanraj out of the shock. Here everyone will be worried because of Vanraj. Everyone will be happy in Kapadia House. News will come that the police have caught Samar’s murderer. Kapadia and Shah’s family will decide to celebrate the festival of Navratri for the sake of Samar.

Precap: Vanraj tells that he will destroy Suresh Rathode’s life. Suresh asks him to take back the case when Vanraj attacks him. Suresh gets the incident captured in the mobile and smiles.

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