Anupama Written Update Today (Sep 11-2023): Anupama Suspects Romil: Anupama Latest Written Update

Anupama written update today (Sep 11-2023): Anupama serial written episode: Telly Update

Anupama Recap: Till now, what has been seen from Anupama is that Pakhi has been missing since the day of Rakshabandhan, and all efforts to find her are failing. Meanwhile, news comes from the police that a girl has met with an accident, is she Pakhi?

Anupama Spoiler Alert: A very interesting track is currently being seen on Anupama. At present Adhikari and Pakhi are in the headlines. On one hand, Adhik’s conspiracies are not ending and on the other hand, Pakhi is trapped in his pretense of love. By now you have seen how Adhik is trapping Pakhi with his words. After this, there is a lot of drama when Pakhi goes missing while going to Shah’s house on Rakshabandhan and Anupama files a police case against Adhik. But even after all this, there is no trace of Pakhi. Know what will happen in the next episode.
Pakhi leaves to go to Shah’s house but does not reach there. We will see in today’s episode

Anuj and Anupama come back to Kapadia’s house.
He looks very upset after seeing this hairy person. She is surprised thinking in her mind why the police released her lover so soon.
Anuj asks Anupama to take some rest but Anupama refuses.
Anuj tells everyone that the police are coming here and will check the house and everyone’s phones. On hearing this, Romil looks very upset and goes away from there. Seeing his condition, Anupama gets a little suspicious but does not say anything.
Then we see that on Anuj’s birthday, Anupama gives him a rose and a poem written for him. Anuj becomes very emotional. Then both share the memory of their first meeting. Anupama tells Anuj that some good news will come on this auspicious day.
Further, we see that the festival of birthplace is being celebrated in Shah House, and Vanraj prays in front of God. Kavya also prays and everyone seems to be praying for Pakhi’s well-being.
Here also everyone performs Aarti of Kanha ji. After the Aarti is over, Anupama does not see Romil. She asks everyone where is Romil. Anupama says I will go and see.

Then we see that Romil is talking to someone on the phone and he says, I will come right away. As soon as he hangs up the phone and turns back, he looks at Adhik, due to which he gets very nervous. Adhik says to him, Take this prasad, which Mom has sent. Is. Anyway, you are going to need it more today because the police will come and find out the whole truth, saying this he leaves from there. After Adhik leaves, Romil sneaks out of the house but Anupama sees him and follows him to find out where he is.
Going ahead, Anupama follows Romil in auto and says thinks he is a kid and she is not doubting him but has to find out where he is going, as he is worried about seeing the Police. Romil is in another auto. She sees Romil getting down the auto and she also gets down. Romil calls his friend. Anupama prays to God and says My doubt shall be wrong. Romil gets down near a house and goes inside while calling someone on the phone. Anupama also goes inside following Romil, then she sees Romil opening the door of a room, she thinks in her mind that some big secret is definitely going to be revealed today. Today’s episode ends here.

Precap: Romil comes inside and gets shocked. Anupama peeps inside and shouts Sweety. She runs inside and finds Pakhi’s bag there. She asks Where is Sweety? Romil cries. She asks where is my daughter?

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