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Anupamaa Written Update 22 September Recap:

Today’s show will start and Anupama will tell Anuj as well as the rest of the family that she has found this photo in Malti Devi’s luggage. Anupama will say that this photo accidentally came in her bag and when she was giving the check at the orphanage, the photo came out, after which she immediately told that it was Anuj. After this Anupama will give Anuj his birth certificate. Anupama will also give the form in which it was written that she does not want this son. Apart from this, Anupama also shows the donation slips given to Guru Maa’s Ashram and says – ‘All this is proof that you are the son of Malti Devi.’ During this time Malti Devi is also present there and becomes emotional. Know what will happen next in the show…

Anuj is in shock

On one hand, Anuj will look quite surprised, and on the other hand, everyone will express their views. Some people will say that this is shocking while on the other hand, Romil will say that he too felt the same when he was introduced to his father. Anupama will be explaining to Anuj and meanwhile, Malti Devi will ask Anupama – ‘This is my son?’ When Anupama says yes, Malti Devi will touch Anuj’s cheeks and say – ‘My son Anuj.’ But Anuj, Malti will push Devi away from himself and say – ‘Please go away from me.’ After this, he will shout and say – ‘You are not my mother.

The word mother is a curse for me…

Anuj will say, ‘Now I understand why I was facing problems due to their presence. Now I understand why I was feeling unwanted trouble just by looking at them. If she had been a mother, she would have left a child in an orphanage. This is not mother, this is the great Malti Devi ji. I am not your son, it is better for people to call me an orphan than to be called your son. Please stay away from me. The word mother has become a curse for me.

Anuj was seen screaming.

Anupama will try to convince Anuj. Anuj would not stop there and, shouting angrily, further said, ‘Nobody becomes anyone’s mother just by giving birth. A woman becomes a mother through love. You could not become my mother even after giving birth to me. You were a stranger to me for so many years, are a stranger, and will always remain a stranger. What was the compulsion that you forgot your son by throwing him in an orphanage for so many years? I wish God would give you a mother’s heart too.

Tears in Anupama’s eyes

Anupama will also have tears in her eyes after listening to Anuj. Anuj will cry while speaking and will say, ‘This is not a beautiful moment for me but the most painful moment. Today I have suffered the most. Happy Birthday to me. I have been in the orphanage for 8 years. There was everything to say, but there were no relationships. Then younger Anu will hug Anuj and Anuj will take her in his lap and say – ‘Of all the people here, no one can understand my pain except my younger one. Not even Anu. Mother did not put us to sleep, she used to put us to sleep with tears.

Anupamaa Spoiler Alert: In today’s episode of Anupama, you will see that Anupama has told Anuj that Malti Devi is his mother. During this time Anupama will also give some evidence in front of the entire family. After this, on the one hand, Anuj will become very emotional, and on the other hand, he will also get angry. Anuj will be seen screaming a lot but his pain will also be visible in this. Now know what will happen in tomorrow’s show…

What will happen tomorrow…

In tomorrow’s episode, it will be seen that Anupama will tell Malti Devi – ‘How can anyone say that Anuj is wrong to hate you? A woman has every right to dream her dreams, but punishing an innocent child for her dreams. this is wrong.’ On this Anuj will say – Anu, you know very well that I will never go against you. If you want to keep your Guru Maa in this house, then you can keep her, just do not forget that she will stay here, Anu, so I Will not stay here.

Anupama in religious crisis…

While talking, in tomorrow’s episode, Anuj will clearly tell Anupama that she will have to choose between Malti Devi and Anuj. In such a situation, Anupama will face a religious crisis. Ultimately, Anupama will choose Guru Maa or Anuj. Anupama has always kept her family above all else but at the same time, she has never lost her ideals. In such a situation, on one hand, there is a Guru-Shisht’s relationship with Malti Devi, and on the other hand Anuj.

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