Anupama Written Update Today: Gurumaa finds Pakhi: Latest episode (Sep 13-2023)

Anupama Written Update Today (Sep 13-2023): Anupama Serial Written Episode: Telly Update Trendingheadlines.In

In today’s episode, we will see that now everyone is searching for Anupama. Anuj says that Anupama did not tell anything to anyone before leaving. More Hairy asks Anuj where has he gone. Anuj says I don’t care where he went? More says you have to care, you don’t trust me, but try doubting that too. Barkha says Romil’s behavior is strange and asks Anuj to understand this.
Anupama scolds Romil and says you deserve thousands of slaps and says one can fight with the family, but cannot take revenge. She asks why are today’s children so small-minded. And they want to take revenge for small things. Romil says I tried to joke. Anupama asks if this is a joke and says my daughter is missing and because of your revenge both the family members are dying every moment. Toshu asks Samar not to worry and says Pakhi will handle any difficult situation and asks her to handle herself. Samar says she will be trying and we will also try. He says, I just hope we find him soon.

Anupama asks Romil to tell her where is his daughter. She cries and asks him to tell, her what did he do to her. Romil says I don’t know, I asked my friend to lock her in the house and I don’t know where she went. Anupama says You have done this mischief and asks why you people don’t understand right and wrong says mischief has a limit, but you people don’t understand, Many people have lost their lives and Some people have gone to jail because of mischief. She asks him to tell her where his daughter is. She says we don’t know where she is, and asks her to think what she might be doing, and says she must be very scared, and says she doesn’t know that you guys will leave her the next day. Will give. She asks if she was your real sister, and would have done the same. Anupama says a girl gets scared thinking about who will come and what he will do, and that is why she must have run away as soon as she got the chance. She says if anything happens to my daughter then you will be responsible for it and you will not be able to forgive yourself for the rest of your life and will feel guilty. She prays to Kanha ji for Pakhi’s safety.

Anuj calls Anupama and asks why his phone is not connecting. More says why Romil has not come till now. Anuj asks why he is taking Romil’s name again and again. More says I am sure and I can give in writing that Romil is involved in Pakhi’s kidnapping. Ankush tells Adhik that he cannot accuse Romil without any proof. Barkha says we will focus on the main thing. More says if Romil is involved then I will not leave him.

Anupama asks Romil to call his friend and says I went to the room, but Pakhi is not there. Anupama takes the call and says I will come there and break your bones, and asks her where is Pakhi? The boy says that I ran away from there after hearing about the police and asks to check the house and says she must have reached home. Anupama asks him to tell the truth otherwise she will get him arrested, saying this is his last chance. He says Pakhi was shouting a lot, so I mixed 2 to 3 sleeping pills in her water. Anupama and Romil are shocked.

Anupama tries to call but gets no network. Romil gets a call from Anuj. Anupama picks up the call and talks to Anuj. Kavya gives medicine to Babu Ji and asks if he needs tea. Baa prays for Pakhi’s safe return. Samar and Toshu are searching for Pakhi. Anupama brings Romil home. Becomes more angry and slaps him. Romil says he doesn’t know where Pakhi is. Anuj asks Anupama are you okay? Anupama says that Romil’s friend had locked Pakhi in the room and given her sleeping pills, she doesn’t know where she is roaming in her sleep. Barkha says you were calling my brother a villain and now your son is a villain. Ankush asks Romil what has he done. Romil says I swear I don’t know where Pakhi is and I didn’t do it intentionally, I want to teach her a lesson and I didn’t know things will go out of control. Adhik says I suspected him, but you people handed me over to the police, Now call the police. Barkha says yes, he will be arrested. Ankush asks Anuj to call the police. Romil says don’t call the police, I didn’t do this intentionally. Anuj asks him to stop it and says I will see you later, Right now we have to find Pakhi. Anupama says we will inform Mr Shah.

Samar and Toshu come to the place told by a man. They look for Pakhi. Samar says I will check. Toshu says he is not here, and asks her to sit in the car. They go away from there. Pakhi falls down due to sleepiness and says Mummy. Anupama senses his voice and calls Sweety. Just then some goons get down from the auto. Anuj asks what happened. Anupama says that my daughter is in trouble and has asked Kanha ji.

Precap: Anupama tells that Sweety is coming. Gurumaa brings Pakhi home. Anupama hugs her. Gurumaa says she has found her.

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