Anupama Written Update Today: Pakhi came home: Latest episode (Sep 14-2023)

Anupama Written Update Today (Sep 14-2023): Anupama Serial Written Episode: Telly Update Trendingheadlines.In

At the beginning of today’s episode, we see Gurumaa come and sit near Pakhi and start looking at her carefully. Anuj while talking to the police inspector says Inspector please do something, find Pakhi.
Anupama was staring at the door. Just then Pakhi is seen bringing Gurumaa.
Everyone becomes very emotional after seeing both of them. Anupama hugs Pakhi and cries a lot. Ankush brings Gurumaa inside. Anuj remembers Anupama’s words when Anupama told Anuj that she had seen Gurumaa.
Anuj calls Vanraj and informs him about Pakhi’s return and calls everyone to come home.
Seeing the condition of Anuj Malti Devi, he thinks that Gurumaa should not have been in such a condition.
Adhik asks Anupama to stay with Pakhi for a while and Anupama agrees. Adhik apologizes to Pakhi for his crimes against Pakhi.
Romil is crying and thinking that now Anupama and Anuj will never forgive me.
Anuj apologizes to Anupama for ignoring him that day and says that at this age no one should be in a condition like Gurumaa.
Adhik asks Pakhi whether they did anything wrong with you, right? Pakhi tells him that the boy is good. He gave me food from time to time and did not misbehave with me. I was screaming, Maybe because of this, he had given me sleeping pills, then by mistake or intentionally he had left the door open, so I took the opportunity to fight and run away. But due to the effect of sleeping pills, I ran away too far. Couldn’t. Wow, she asks who did all this and who brought me here. Adhik tells him that Malti Devi brought him home and Romil did all this to take revenge on us.
Just then all the Shah family including Vanraj arrives to see Pakhi.
Baa tells Romil that they will regain their sanity only after going to jail. Vanraj starts dragging Romil to the police. Romil starts pleading for forgiveness and tells Vanraj that he did not do anything intentionally. Ankush comes in between and saves Romil and starts apologizing to Vanraj. He says Forgive Romil, I guarantee he will not commit any mistake. Anuj comes and tells Romil that he will have to go to jail but Anuj tells him to stay away from this matter. Anupama says that just because you had no hand in Pakhi’s kidnapping, it does not mean that you are innocent. Just as Romil’s mistake cannot be forgiven, similarly your mistake also cannot be forgiven. In the midst of all this, Gurumaa comes. She is talking to herself about Pakhi. Anupama runs to Gurumaa but Gurumaa does not recognize her.

Precap: Pakhi says they shall complete the festival. She ties Rakhi to her brothers and also to Babu ji. She then ties Rakhi to Anuj and Romil also. Anuj tells Anupama that if Doctor says that we shall shift Malti Devi to any hospital or centre, then we will do that, I don’t want her to stay with you, and says the end decision will be yours. Anupama looks at her.

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