Anupama Written Update Today 3rd Sep 2023

At the beginning of today’s Anupama’s episode, Baa becomes very emotional when Vanraj says that he will adopt the child. And she tells Vanraj that if you do this, then what will this society say, Don’t do this.

Vanraj replies that when I cheated, I did not get defamed, but now when I have cheated, will I get defamed? Baa again says No, it is not a secret, don’t do this, Then Vanraj says Kavya is my wife, and her baby is my child, saying he moves towards Kavya.

अनुपमा 1st सितम्बर 2023: Anupama Written Update Today 1st Sep 2023

Vanraj extends his hand towards Kavya. Kavya is also about to extend her hand towards Vanraj when Anupama comes in between, the family members are shocked to see this. Vanraj asks Anupama what happened, Anu, Anupama says Sorry but I just want to ask you, what? Are you taking this decision for the rest of your life or have you taken this decision just out of emotions? After hearing that you should think carefully and make the decision, Vanraj used to pull his hand back after thinking something. And goes from there. Baa is also seen leaving from there.

Anupama says to Kavya, sorry Kavya, but the decision should be such that a human being can fulfill it, then Kavya says whether anyone supports it or not, this child is mine and I will fight for it.
Here Dimpy looks very happy. She says that these people used to call me a bad daughter-in-law, but the real sample piece turned out to be Baa’s son and daughter-in-law. Samar explains to Dimpy, if all this had happened at your parents’ house, would you have been happy like this? He further says you should stop messing around and focus on finding a job. Then we are shown Baa thinking something very seriously.

Here we see Anupama and Anuj working in the kitchen. Anuj praises Anupama and says that whatever he did there was absolutely right. Then Anupama apologizes to Anuj for not coming to the office, then Anuj laughs and says No problem, there was not much work in the office today. Then Anupama asks Anuj about Pakhi, then Anuj says that Adhi has manipulated Pakhi, We and you know this very well and I can never forget this. Pakhi must have suffered so much by living with Adhi. I wish Pakhi would understand this. Then Anupama says God forbid Adhi’s real face should appear in front of Pakhi soon. Anupama says in her mind, Kanha ji, give me only one problem at a time.

We see that after Ankush comes home, Anuj asks him about the money, Have you deposited the money in the bank? So Ankush says sorry Anuj, I forgot. So Anuj says in a slightly angry tone, brother, how can you do this, I told you how important this is. Anupama tries to calm down Anuj.

Here Vanraj is sitting in the room thinking something, Kavya says to him, I know you need time to think and I want to give that time to you but I don’t know what to do. Please tell me what you think, yes or no, Whatever is the decision, please tell me Vanraj. But Vanraj does not give any answer.

Here Ankush tells everyone that the money was kept on the same table, everyone was asking each other where the money was. Anupama asks Ankush, do you remember for sure that you did not keep the money upstairs or in the car or in the office? Ankush says I remember well, I had kept the money here. Ankush says if no one came from outside then some family member must have taken the money. Adhi says none of us needs money except Romil who has to party all the time.
Here we see, after remaining silent for some time, Vanraj tells Kavya, It is not so, I do not want to do this, but I don’t know why even if I want to, I am not able to forgive you and I am not able to accept the child. That day, I did not say what I said with any pretense but said it with all my heart. But when Anupama asked the question, I don’t know why I stopped.

Here a heated argument is taking place between Romil and Adhi. When Anupama asks Romil about the money, Romil angrily replies, “Why are you all asking me?” Anuj says, “Just answer as much as you have asked.” Romil says, “I have not taken the money if you guys don’t trust me.” I don’t care. At the same time, Romil’s watch fell down which was looking very expensive. Now everyone starts staring at Romil with suspicion. The mind is happy thinking that it has made my work easier by itself.

Precap: Anupama tells Adhik that his cleverness, misbehavior, etc. can be hidden from a daughter’s sight, but not from the mother’s sight. Pakhi says it is enough. Anupama says it is enough for you to speak at the wrong place and keep silent at the right place. Pakhi says we are together and happy, and you shall be happy, why do you want to separate us? She says if you don’t stop interfering in my married life, then I will do something that you will have nothing but repentance.

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