Anupama Written Update Today 2nd Sep 2023

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In today’s episode of Anupamaa, you will see that the echoes of what Kavya had revealed about her child yesterday are still being heard in the Shah house! Anupamaa is still seen explaining to Baa! Will Anupama be able to pacify Baa? Will she be able to forgive Kavya today? We will see all this further in today’s episode.

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Anupama Written Update Today 2nd Sep 2023

Anupama sobbing tries to explain to Baa, She tells Baa that her face cannot be seen in boiling water, one has to wait for the water to cool down to see the face. She asks Baa to wait and says you are angry and hence not understanding Kavya’s situation. You calm down and then ask to take the decision calmly, as this is your house and it is yours. Have the right. Baa asks when you were cheated, would you have stayed with that cheat? When Toshu cheated on Kinjal, did he give her the rights of a husband? She says this family has been cheated, so why will we give daughter-in-law rights to Kavya? She further says we don’t want to live here, I will die but will not accept her child. She says I hates Kavya and her child and don’t want to see her face. She says the newborn baby is God’s incarnation, but this baby has a reflection of a sinner and says if I am not accepting this baby, it is not my fault but Kavya’s. Then Anupama says to Ba You are right Ba, you have reason and right to hate Kavya, but whatever has happened has been done by Kavya, What is the child’s fault in this, he is just Not even born yet? She says whatever you say to Kavya, but don’t curse this child. She says even though it is not ours, it belongs to someone but a child is a child. She says that adults always make mistakes and then children get punished. She sobs and says Ankush made the mistake and Romil is getting punished. She says Kavya has made a mistake here too but you are punishing this child? This is wrong ba. She says you used to say that good things will be read and religious books will be taught so that the child gets good values, but what values are we giving to this child? She asks do we want this baby to be born scared and with fear of Kavya and hatred of Baa, and asks do we all want this baby to be born like this. She asks Baa with folded hands, Do you also want this Baa?

Next, we see Pakhi.
Pakhi is talking to Abhi and says Mummy is again stuck in Shah’s house and now I have to work alone. More says I will help you, but don’t tell anything Anuj now, I know he is big-hearted and will forgive me. Anuj is listening to all this. After listening to Aadhik’s talk, Anuj thinks that what Aadhik is doing is more dangerous than raising his hand (on Pakhi) because when someone raises his hand, at least the crime is visible, but If someone molests his partner then there can be no proof. Even more, Pakhi is doing the same. Later, Adhik tells Pakhi that everything will be fine. Then Anuj thinks about Anupama and that Anu is also not picking up the call, I hope everything is fine there, nothing too serious.

Anupama asks Kavya if she wants to say something. So Kavya cries saying that the mistake I have done was the weakest moment when I became weak and says I was very wrong and then I have fallen in my own eyes. Then stopping Kavya in the middle, Toshu says, So you lied that the child is the father’s and you continued to participate in all the rituals? He asks Kavya Why didn’t you tell us then what you are telling us now. Kavya cries again and says that she couldn’t say as she didn’t want to hurt the family. She says that she loves Vanraj and this family very much.

Babu ji asks Kavya if this is your love. Kavya says that I love him so I can’t lie to anyone, if I don’t tell then no one will even know. She says you all considered this child as family and were happy, Vanraj would also have been happy that he is the father of the child, and everything would have happened like that. She says that I know that love cannot survive on the foundation of lies, and that is why I told him the truth. Then Kinjal says that when you told Papa, then why did you tell us?
Kavya says there are two reasons, first I know I am wrong, and second, I love you all very much. I told you this truth so that you can decide my punishment. She says people commit crimes and get punished. Sobbing, she says that she too has committed a mistake and she too is standing in front of them to demand punishment. She says Toshu is making the same mistake and staying in the house, questioning me and even Vanraj has made the same mistake. She says I know rules are different for son and daughter-in-law, but I am not asking you to forgive me, but asking for punishment.

Further Adhik ends the call with Pakhi and tells Barkha that he has booked a restaurant for the celebration, Because of the money he has hidden in Romil’s room, he will be caught and then we will celebrate. Then Romil’s shouting voice comes from behind. Romil shouts at Adhik and asks How dare you sit on my iPad? More hesitantly he asks Romil, were you angry about this? He was scared thinking that maybe Romil had heard their conversation. Romil says some unknown thing and goes away asking him to stay away from his iPad. Barkha says thank god, she didn’t hear anything. So more says what would have happened if he had heard? I would break his bones and throw him out. He further says that he will trap her in such a way that even God will not be able to save her.

Kavya says I love you all a lot, and I want you to give me a chance, but I know I will not get it. Baa says you will not get anything here. She says you won’t even get punished here and tells Anupama to tell Kavya to pick up your freedom bag and leave the house, do your work and earn your livelihood, but leave us. She says Kavya is apologizing very smartly then Anupama tells Baa that all children are the same. So Baa says we only take care of our kids, not the neighbor’s kids and this kid is not ours. She says that the mother of this child is absolutely fine, her hands and legs are working so she can go out and take care of him, but she will not go, because she needs the family, but this family needs her. Not there. She angrily asks Toshu to get a rickshaw and asks Kinjal to pack Kavya’s belongings. And asks to send her from here. Kavya cries and says don’t do this.
Vanraj looks shocked. Baa tells Vanraj that You have hidden this from us, does it mean that you have accepted this child, if he wants to take Kavya’s side then he should also leave the house with Kavya, and further says That pot of sin cannot stay here in our house. She gives two options to Vanraj and says either kick Kavya out or go with her.
Kavya stands there crying. Baa asks Kavya not to stand like a shameless woman and asks her to leave then holds her hand and starts taking her outside. To stop Kavya, Anupama holds Baa’s hand and says sorry Baa. She says Kavya asked you for punishment and you punished her to leave the house. She says Kavya has made a mistake, but I think being a woman you understand her situation.

Precap: Anupama tells Adhik that his cleverness, misbehavior, etc. can be hidden from a daughter’s sight, but not from the mother’s sight. Pakhi says it is enough. Anupama says it is enough for you to speak at the wrong place and keep silent at the right place. Pakhi says we are together and happy, and you shall be happy, why do you want to separate us? She says if you don’t stop interfering in my married life, then I will do something that you will have nothing but repentance.

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