Anupama written update today (Sep 07-2023):  Pakhi goes missing

Anupama written update today (Sep 07-2023): Anupama serial written episode: Telly Update

written update today (Sep 07-2023): Anupama serial written episode: Telly Update

Anupama asks Pakhi not to come if she doesn’t want to come. She says you are not doing me any favor by tying Rakhi to your brothers. She says for you your brothers, family, and festivals don’t matter, but your husband matters, so stay with him. Then Anupama asks little Anu to go. Anuj, Anupama, and little Anu leave from there.
After this, we see Pakhi get upset and think about the moments she spent with her brother. Anupama comes home and tells Samar and Toshu that Pakhi is not coming and she is adamant about her condition. Then Anuj says that once her anger calms down, she will come. Then little Anu says but I have come for you guys. Kinjal asks her to come. She gets little Anu to perform aarti for her brothers. Anuj tells Anupama that Vanraj looks upset, he is going to talk to him. He goes to Vanraj and asks if he is fine. Vanraj says no. Anuj says I have an idea to make you happy. Vanraj says sadly that life has troubled him a lot. He says thanks for tolerating Pakhi’s tantrums. Anuj says they are your kids and will start behaving like you in 6-7 months. Vanraj says life has taught me to laugh at myself.

Anupama comes to Kavya and says I saw your message and I knew that Mr Shah will change his decision, but he can change it again as this is his habit. Kavya says she is tired of hoping. Anupama says you can try but can’t hope, because whatever you have done is wrong, she further says if any man or woman does this, it is wrong. She says if he forgives you, it will be his greatness and even if he doesn’t forgive then it is fine, there are many women who stay alone during pregnancy. She says I will pray for you but don’t expect. Kavya says I can stay alone, but I am trying that the child gets their father’s love, or else we will live somehow.

Younger Anu receives a gift after getting her rakhi tied by her brothers. She says I love you. He says I love you too. Dimpy gets upset seeing their love. Baa asks Kinjal to bring sweets. Pakhi hears her brother’s voice and gets worried. Adhik asks her to go if she loves him. Pakhi says I am fine. Adhik asks her not to make any big sacrifices for him and asks her not to leave her family for his love. Pakhi says they are misbehaving with you. Most say they will do the same as I did to their daughter. He asks her to give up her stubbornness and asks him to leave. He says you have to go and tie Rakhi to your brothers. Pakhi says I love you and hugs him. He says I love you too and smiles. Then Adhik tells Pakhi that he is going to meet his American friend. Then Pakhi sends a message to Samar that she is coming. Anupama thinks God will do something to make her understand.

Samar tells the family that Pakhi is coming. Romil is still thinking about Barkha and Adhik accusing him of theft. Pakhi is leaving the house when she gets a call from someone. She says I am coming there.
Here Samar says that 1 hour has passed, and she has not come yet. Toshu is also worried. Anupama asks Toshu to call again. Toshu calls him and says the phone is not connecting. Anuj says we will go home and see. Vanraj asks them to call after reaching home. He asks Adhikari where is Pakhi? Adhik says I was with my friend. Barkha says Pakhi said she is going to Shah’s house. Adhik asks Anupama to check the CCTV footage and says that I left the house before Pakhi. Romil says you both went together and says there was a fight between them. Adhik says nothing happened, I told Pakhi to go and tie Rakhi to her brothers, and says Romil is trapping me. Romil says do you know where he is? Adhik says I asked him to go to Shah’s house. Romil says you lie a lot. Anupama asks Adhik if he knows anything about Pakhi. More says I swear I don’t know. Anupama says My daughter has not reached home and asks her to tell the truth, and asks did she fought with her or did anything to her. More says no. Anupama asks then where is my daughter? She cries and tells Anuj that she wants his daughter. Anuj says We will not cry, we will search Pakhi. Anupama says we will go to the police. Barkha becomes more stressed. Anuj says that the police do not file a complaint so soon and we have to wait. Anupama hopes that Pakhi is fine.

Baa misses Pakhi. Samar says Pakhi’s favorite festival was Rakhi. Then Dimpy would interject that her favorite festival is Karva Chauth. Toshu tells Samar to ask Dimpy to keep quiet. Dimpy says my husband has brought gifts for Pakhi, it would have been better if you had allowed more to come. Vanraj asks how can you support a person who commits domestic violence. Dimpy says that you have also done emotional violence with Mom. Vanraj says yes, I did, but I have apologized thousands of times till now. He says I don’t want to see Adhik’s face, and asks if Adhik apologized to us even once. Babu Ji says don’t bother talking about this. Toshu says I will scold her a lot if she brings Pakhi.
Toshu and Samar agree to go. Anupama waits for Pakhi. Anuj talks to someone to find Pakhi. He assures Anupama that they will find Pakhi. Adhik says I am afraid Pakhi might harm herself. Anupama asks Did you raise your hand to her. Adhik says No, you have to trust me, I love her.

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