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The Confrontation

The evening began like any other, with the city’s nightlife coming alive. Anuj, a man known for his calm demeanor, was enjoying an evening out with his friends. Little did he know that this night would be different from the rest.

As the night unfolded, Anuj noticed Sonu misbehaving with a young girl at the club. His actions were disrespectful and unsettling, causing discomfort to those who witnessed it. Anuj, unable to tolerate such behavior, decided to take matters into his own hands.

Anuj’s Heroic Intervention

Without hesitation, Anuj approached Sonu and firmly pulled him away from the girl. He didn’t resort to words; he used actions to communicate that such behavior would not be tolerated. Anuj’s punch, though forceful, symbolized his commitment to protecting the dignity and respect of others, especially women.

The Interference

As the commotion escalated, Vanraj and others at the club intervened to prevent further escalation of the situation. They understood the gravity of the moment but also recognized that Anuj’s actions were rooted in his unwavering commitment to uphold values.

Sonu, seemingly unrepentant, retaliated by taunting Anuj for his actions. He questioned Anuj’s actions, referring to the young woman as a “cheap girl.” However, Anuj remained resolute, emphasizing the importance of treating all individuals with respect, regardless of their background.

A Father’s Request

Vanraj, a wise and composed figure, understood the significance of the moment. He approached Anuj and requested him not to escalate the conflict further, citing that it was his son’s special day. Anuj, a man of empathy and understanding, spared Sonu once more, demonstrating his capacity for forgiveness.

Sonu’s Provocation

However, Sonu was not willing to let the matter rest. He continued to provoke Anuj, asking what Anuj would do if he misbehaved with his wife or sister. Anuj, driven by his commitment to uphold values and respect, decided to teach Sonu another lesson.

Once again, Anuj took action, trashing Sonu in response to his disrespectful words. Vanraj and others had to step in once more to separate the two, urging Anuj to let the authorities handle Sonu’s misconduct.

Seeking Legal Action

The manager of the club recognized the gravity of the situation and decided to call the police to handle the matter appropriately. He urged Anuj to leave with his friends, assuring him that the law would take its course in dealing with Sonu and his friends.

Anupama’s Concern

Meanwhile, in a different part of the city, Anupama, a woman known for her devotion and grace, was performing a ritual at her home. She was filling oil in the temple lamp when an unexpected event occurred. The flower garland, a symbol of purity, broke and fell onto the lamp, extinguishing the flame. Anupama couldn’t help but worry about her son, Samar.

Anuj’s Exit

Back at the club, Anuj heeded the manager’s advice and left with his team, knowing that the authorities would now handle the situation. Vanraj expressed his thoughts, mentioning that there were bouncers in the club who could have handled the situation, and Anuj’s actions might not have been necessary. However, Anuj remained steadfast in his belief that some actions demanded immediate attention and intervention.

A Worried Mother

Anupama’s worry for her son continued to grow as she tried to reach out to Samar. She called him, but all she received was an emoji in response before he disconnected the call. Little did she know that this emoji would be a precursor to a heroic act by her son.

Samar’s Courageous Act

As the situation escalated at the club, Sonu, undeterred, fired a shot at Anuj. Samar, Anupama’s son, was present at the scene and noticed the danger immediately. Without a second thought, he bravely jumped in to shield Anuj from harm. Sonu’s friends quickly retreated, realizing the gravity of their actions.

A Superstitious Belief

Back at Anupama’s home, the blowing out of the temple lamp had left the family members worried. Leela, a believer in superstitions, considered it an “abshagun,” an omen of bad luck. However, Barkha and Kinjal disagreed, arguing that there was no truth to such beliefs. Pakhi suggested a way to lighten the mood by playing antakshari.

A Mother’s Relief

Anupama, still anxious about her son’s safety, suggested a change of clothes as party attire often proved uncomfortable. Hasmukh, her husband, picked up her call, and Anupama anxiously inquired about Samar’s well-being. Hasmukh assured her that everyone was fine and would return home after dinner, offering some much-needed relief to Anupama.

A Mother’s Love

With her worries temporarily eased, Anupama changed her clothes and entered the kitchen. She overheard the ladies singing “Khai Ke Paan Banaras Waala,” a song that held special significance for Samar. Her eyes fell upon a bowl of kheer kept in the fridge, a gesture of love she had prepared for her son.

Samar’s Surprise

Samar, aware of the kheer, made his way to the kitchen to indulge in the sweet treat. Anupama’s heart swelled with joy upon seeing her son, safe and sound. She offered him the kheer with her own hands, her love and warmth evident in the gesture.

A Heartfelt Moment

As Samar savored the kheer, Anupama couldn’t help but recite a poem in her mind, expressing her love for her son. Samar, moved by the affection and care of his mother, was visibly emotional. Anupama assured him that they would always be there for him, especially now that he was about to become a father himself.

The Future

Samar, with tears in his eyes, shared his hopes and dreams for his child with Anupama. He expressed his desire for her to support his wife, Dimpy, and guide their child with love and values. He acknowledged the mischievous nature of their future baby and requested Anupama to instill in him the same morals and values that had been passed down through generations.

A Mother’s Promise

Anupama, with unwavering love and determination, promised Samar that she would be there for him and his growing family. She pledged to ensure that her grandchild would be raised with the same love and values that had shaped their lives.

Precap: Anupama notices Anuj and others standing sadly in the dark and asks reason. She notices Samar missing and asks where is he.
Vanraj says their Samar is dead. Samar greets her bye and disappears. Anupama runs behind him and falls down.

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