Anupama Oct 10 2023 Latest Written Episode Update: Anuj is thinking about suicide

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Anupamaa 10 October 2023 Full Episode

After Samar’s death, every person of Shah Niwas is living in pain. Every person in the house is trying to support each other, but no one is seeing Anuj’s problem.

Today’s episode of Anupama will be full of pain and suffering. Everyone in Shah Niwas will be seen trying to forget the sorrow of Samar and bring smiles on the faces of others. On one hand, Anupama will try to handle Dimple, while on the other hand, Kavya will try to handle her husband Vanraj Shah. But every person who is trying to take care of others will cry bitterly when alone.

Anuj Kapadia is struggling with pain alone

On one hand, while everyone in Shah Niwas is sitting with each other to ease their sorrow, there is no one to take care of Anuj Kapadia. He is struggling with his problems alone. He will return back to Kapadia house and sit there blaming himself that it is because of him that Samar lost his life. Anuj’s brother Ankush will come and explain this to him. He will tell her that Samar’s death was just an accident.

Anuj Kapadia will talk about sacrificing his life

However, Anuj Kapadia will be adamant that he was the one who took them there and had a fight with those boys, hence he is responsible for Samar’s death. Anuj Kapadia will clearly say in front of Ankush and Barkha that if Anu’s love for him decreases even a little bit after this accident, he will die. He will not be able to live and will commit suicide.

Anupama will ignore her husband

Anuj Kapadia would have become silent after saying this but younger Anu would call him from behind. She will tell Anuj that like Maya, Samar has also become a star, so he should see Samar in the sky through binoculars. Anuj Kapadia will feel a little lighter sitting with his daughter and will take her to Shah Niwas the next morning. Anupama will go inside the house with younger Anu but will completely ignore Anuj Kapadia.

Will Barkha Bhabhi’s words prove to be true?

Anupama doing this will leave a dagger in Anuj Kapadia’s heart. Despite him thinking about things like suicide, Anupama is not taking care of her husband at all and she is completely ignoring him. Anupama doing this is having a very bad effect on Anuj Kapadia’s health. Barkha Bhabhi will explain to Anuj that Anupama and the people of Shah Niwas are not able to understand anything due to the sorrow of summer, but as things become normal, they will start understanding.

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