Anupama Oct 07 2023 Latest Written Episode Update: Vanraaj Makes a Shocking Accusation

Anupama Written Update Today (Oct 07-2023): Anupama Serial Written Episode: Telly Update: Anupama Spoilers: Anupama upcoming twist: Anupama Upcoming Story Trendingheadlines.In

Anupama advised Samar’s lifeless frame that now she understood why he become thanking her and asking her to attend to Dimpy and her baby. She says our togetherness isn’t only for this start however for plenty births. She says we were given separated at this start, however you’ll be born as my son, will stroll keeping my feet, and could snigger aloud. She says I can be your mom in each start. She says you stated anything you desired to mention and left, however whom to mention that I am happy with you and the luckiest mom on this international to be your mom. She thank you him for being her nice son and the nice human withinside the international. Everyone cries.

She suggests the black thread and says it’ll prevent in all births, and my benefits can be with you always. She movements the material from his foot and ties the black thread to his left foot. She calls Samar and sits preserving her hand on his head. Adhik receives a message and symptoms and symptoms Anuj. Anuj took the record in his hand and stated the Doctor messaged and requested us to determine fast. Toshu asks for what. Adhik says a man is withinside the health center who wishes organs and that’s why his own circle of relatives and Doctor asked us to donate his organs. Baa asks them to refuse and says my grandson will now no longer pass incomplete. Dimpy says we will donate and says his frame has left, however his emotions are nonetheless there. She says his frame can be burnt, however if we are able to shop a person from having the identical ache that we’re going through, then why now no longer? She says as a minimum his organs can be alive in a person’s frame. Anupama says Dimpy is proper and says if we are able to shop a person’s baby then we will do it. Babu Ji says if everybody thinks of organ donation then many lives can be saved. Vanraj tells Anupama that if she is prepared to signal then he is likewise ready. Vanraj and Anupama signal the form. Anupama hugs Samar.

Anuj says we should take Samar to the health center earlier than the ultimate rites and says I will name the Doctor. The gold bracelet falls down from Anuj’s clothes. Toshu says that is of that man. Vanraj recollects the happenings and says that he has remembered now, and tells Anupama that Anuj is answerable for Samar’s loss of life and he’s the actual murderer. Everyone attempts to chill out Vanraj. Toshu asks him to chill out. Babu ji asks him now no longer to lose his calm. Vanraj says Samar is lifeless due to Anuj. He says I requested Anuj frequently now no longer to combat with the ones men and now no longer to break Samar’s happiness, however in case you had staying power then this wouldn’t have happened. He tells them the whole thing shocking. He says if Anuj had managed his anger, then my son might were alive. He says Samar become a person’s son, grandson, brother, husband and father. He says Anupama’s husband has snatched a lot of these family members from Samar and tells Anuj that at the same time as he attempted to be a hero, he have become the villain. He says that to procure Dimpy to marry Samar, however ruined her lifestyles twelve months after marriage. He says that man shot at Samar.

Anuj says that he become ignoring the ones men once they had been misbehaving with them and Samar, however while he misbehaved with the girl, he couldn’t endure it and misplaced his cool. He says he didn’t recognize that he had a gun, and apologizes to everybody, announcing his call become at the bullet, which hit Samar. Anuj tells Vanraj that he can punish him, however don’t accuse him, he has now no longer killed their Samar. He maintains his hand on Vanraj. Vanraj jerks Anuj and he falls down.

Precap: Anuj asks Anupama to believe him and says if I had known this, then I would have given my life, but save Samar. He asks Anupama if she thinks I’m wrong. Anupama is silent. Anuj says I can bear your anger and hatred, but not your silence.

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