Anupama 16th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Anuj gets uncomfortable with Malti Devi’s behavior

Anupama Written Update Today (Sep 16-2023): Anupama Serial Written Episode: Telly Update Trendingheadlines.In

Gurumaa touches Anuj’s cheeks and says that she has seen him after many days, her eyes were longing to see him, where were you? Anuj is surprised and tells her to move her foot back. She moves her foot back. Anupama comes there and asks what happened. Anuj says nothing. Anupama says let’s go home. Gurumaa asks whose home? Anupama says ours. She tells her to come along. Ankush tells Barkha not to stare at him and say what she wants to say. Barkha says that she doesn’t want to say anything, because she knows very well what her son has done. Ankush says that he knew she would say that and asks what she wants to prove.

She says that Romil has made many mistakes and that you always cover up Adhik’s mistakes. Barkha defends Adhik. Ankush says that at least he is accepting Romil’s mistake, unlike him who defends Adhik. Barkha says my brother will not make any mistake. She says that everyone gave Romil a second chance, if he does something again then she will throw him out. Ba thanks God that Pakhi came home safely. Kinjal tells Ba about her vow to Pakhi. Dimple says that even though they are rude, even though they are bad, they are daughters-in-law, sisters-in-law, and women. Toshu says that he doesn’t know what happened to Pakhi, she has become very good after staying with Mom, why did she forgive Romil? Kinjal says that Pakhi did what she felt was right. Toshu says that Adhik and Romil should have been in jail. Kinjal says that people get better with remorse and love. Toshu says that trusting them is foolishness. Kinjal says that we have to trust strangers, like doctors, pilots, etc. Toshu says that people like Romil break trust. Kinjal says that you also broke trust. He says that he made his mistake and is still paying for it. He says that he can’t stop worrying about Pakhi.

Kinjal says that Pakhi has the right to make her own decisions and live her life. She says that those who don’t forgive others don’t have the right to ask for forgiveness. Kavya brings tea for Vanraj and says that when we love someone it is very difficult to leave them. She says that Pakhi is doing the same thing, and giving Adhik a chance, he is very lucky. She says I know Ba and you are angry with me and I am living here listening to taunts because I love you. She says that when someone loves someone then logic, common sense and mind don’t work, and heart rules. She says I know you won’t accept this child, but I hope you can accept the child someday, and that’s why I am here. Anuj tells Anupama that he knows Malati Devi is alone, and says we are not her family. Anupama asks why are you refusing now? Anuj says what do I talk to you in front of the doctor and Malati Devi. Anupama tells him to look at her age and condition and asks if she is your mother or my mother then do we keep her in the nursing room? She says Nakul had said that Gurumaa has a son, but he doesn’t know about him.

She says she brought Sweety home and says when she gets well she will leave. She asks what is the matter? Anuj says he doesn’t know how to react, and says he doesn’t like it when Malati Devi calls him Beta and behaves like this, and says sorry, I hate this. Everyone is surprised. Gurumaa says I didn’t do anything. Anupama says it’s okay, Gurumaa. Malati Devi runs to Anuj and hugs him saying I didn’t do it, it fell by mistake. Anuj is shocked and says okay. Everyone is shocked. Gurumaa says take me to my home, I don’t want to stay here, take your mother with you to your home. Anuj tells Anu to handle her. Barkha says they bring those people home whom they meet on the road. Pakhi asks why is she behaving like this. Ankush says mental conditions are complicated. Anupama tells Malati Devi that this is Anuj’s home too. Anuj leaves from there. Anupama follows him. Anuj says he doesn’t like it when they call him Beta and behave like this, and asks for forgiveness, he hates this.

Anupama decides to go to Malti Devi’s house and get her stuff. She finds a birth certificate and wonders who is Malti Devi’s son. She also finds some shocking documents that reveal the truth.

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