Anupama Written Update Today (Sep 12-2023): Romil was caught: Anupama Latest Written Update

Anupama Written Update Today (Sep 12-2023): Anupama Serial Written Episode: Telly Update Trendingheadlines.In

Recap: Anupama’s suspicion has now shifted from Aadi to Romil. She will notice something strange in Romil’s behavior.
Anupama will reach here chasing Romil, after this she will see that Romil is trying to secretly run away from the house. Anupama will follow him. While following Romil, Anupama will reach a house where Romil would have stopped after entering the door. She will find that Pakhi’s bag is kept in front.

Anupama will get her daughter Pakhi’s bag

Anupama will not be able to stop herself after seeing the evidence related to her daughter Sweety in front of her and will scream. She will call her daughter’s name loudly and hug her bag. Romil standing right behind him will be shocked. The ground will slip beneath his feet and he will not know how to react. Tears will start flowing from his eyes and he will become weak.

The secret of Pakhi’s disappearance will be revealed through Romil

Anupama will shout loudly at Romil and ask Where is my daughter? Romil will not say anything. Now it is clear that Romil knows something about Pakhi’s disappearance. But is he the one who got Anupama’s daughter kidnapped? Or is the matter something else?

Romil calls his friend to open the door of the room but no response comes.
Then Romil takes out the key from under the flower pot and opens the door but is surprised to not find Pakhi there. At the same time, Anupama also comes inside and sees Pakhi’s bag, seeing which she starts crying a lot.
Here Vanraj is going out somewhere and Baa asks him where he is going. Vanraj says I am going to find Pakhi. But all the family members stop him. Paritosh and Samar tell Vanraj You stay at home, I will go to find Pakhi.
Anupama cries a lot taking Pakhi’s bag, then controls herself and angrily asks Romil about Pakhi. Romil stands there silently crying.
Here Paritosh and Samar are about to go by car to find Pakhi, Paritosh says to Samar, I know some people who can help us in finding Pakhi but they are not good people. After some hesitation, Samar Bho agrees and then they are seen leaving in the car.
On the other hand, Anupama angrily asks Romil about Pakhi, but Romil just stands there crying. Anupama is repeatedly asking him about Pakhi. She says that no matter what happens, I will know the truth.
Everyone in Shah’s house is praying for Pakhi’s safety.
Romil is holding Anupama’s feet and apologizing. He requests her not to tell all this to anyone. Anupama tells him that I considered you a part of the family, I gave you a place in my heart but you have ruined our love. Romil says while crying. Ever since I came into this house, Pakhi and Adhikari have made my life miserable. That’s why I did the prank to take revenge.
The same man tells Paritosh and Samar that their sister has not been kidnapped, maybe she has become a victim of human trafficking. Samar and Paritosh get very scared after hearing this.
Here, when asked by Anupama, Romil says that on the day of Rakshabandhan, he made one of his friends call Pakhi and called her to my friend’s house and locked her in a room, but after that, I don’t know where Pakhi went. Hearing this, Anupama also get disappointed and slaps Romil.

Precap: Anupama warns Romil and says if anything happens to my daughter then? Pakhi falls down on the ground when three goons see her. They come near her.

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