Anupama written update today: Latest episode update (Sep 09-2023)

Anupama written update today (Sep 09-2023): Anupama serial written episode: Telly Update

Anupama 9th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update Released

Anupama tells Vanraj that she knows Pakhi feels bad about her words, but what to do, if I will give her false hopes that her husband will improve. Vanraj says that the husband can also improve. Anupama says her whole life is spent in reforming her husband in his own way, and here wife’s whole life is wasted, She is a wife, there is no reformation home where the husband comes to reform and the wife spends her whole life crying and crying. She spends her time suffering and after 25 years, the husband comes to his wife and says that he is now reformed, but the woman would have lost her youth, What would happen to her? She says that I am a mother and it is very difficult to be a mother. It is a mother’s job to show her daughter the right path and I was doing the same thing, so how did I become a bad mother? Anuj tells Vanraj that this is his matter and hence he is not interfering, but one thing he must say is that stop pointing fingers at each other and find Pakhi, it is more important. Samar tells Anupama that they will go home now, as Baa and Babu ji will worry. Anupama asks Toshu to call Sweety’s friends and ask about Pakhi. Toshu says he will call. Anupama asks them to take care of Papa and everyone. Vanraj says sorry.

Then Anuj gets a call from the Inspector. The inspector told him that if there would be any accident or if there would be an unclaimed body then they would know. Anuj asks him to find Pakhi.
Anupama cries remembering the moments spent with him. Vanraj also thinks about his moments spent with Pakhi. Anuj asks Anupama not to worry and tells him that this is a regular police check. Samar asks Anupama not to worry. Vanraj prays that his daughter should be fine. Anupama asks God to take care of Pakhi. Everyone in the house thinks about the moments spent with Pakhi and becomes sad. When Vanraj is crying after seeing Pakhi’s photo and listening to her previous voice message, Babu ji and Baa come and console him.
He asks if anything will happen to my Pakhi. Bau Ji says God will protect her, no matter where she is.
He imagines that Pakhi is coming and gets up. Then Vanraj gets sad after not getting Pakhi.

Anupama is sitting in her hall waiting for him and is feeling sleepy. She imagines Pakhi resting in her lap and says you have come, where did you go? She hugs him and cries and says I told you not to go anywhere without telling us. Pakhi cries and promises that she will not leave him alone. Anupama cries. Pakhi asks her to rest on her lap. Anupama lies on his lap and asks him not to go anywhere and she falls asleep. This was her imagination, and that is why when she woke up, Pakhi was not there. Then she becomes restless and starts searching for him.
Here Toshu is crying in his room with Pakhi’s gift in his hand. Kinjal comes there, sees him crying, and wipes his tears. Toshu tells Kinjal that Pakhi had tied Rakhi to him with the trust that he would stand by her in all her problems and protect her, but he could not be a good brother and respect Rakhi. Kinjal says that the relationship between sister-in-law and sister-in-law is sweet and sour, but they love and care for each other. Toshu asks will we be able to find Pakhi. Kinjal says she will definitely get it. Samar recalls playing practices with Pakhi while she says she will go and not come back. He says he will be happy if she goes and asks him to go. She realizes it is her imagination and says Sweety, please come back, I am crying and pleading in front of you. He says I swear that I will obey your words and won’t say anything even if you cheat in the game.

Anupama comes out and calls Pakhi and asks her to come in front of her. Anuj comes there and asks What are you doing? She says Pakhi was here, and asks her to come out. Anuj says Pakhi is not here. Anupama says that till now she has not given up her habit of playing hide and seek. She says Pakhi must be there and leaves on the road. Anuj says Pakhi is not here, she is missing, and says she is not playing any game with you, You asked me to file a complaint, and we did. He says very soon we will get Pakhi, but she is not here now. Inspector comes there and says I was going to your house, but stopped seeing you. He says a girl met with an accident in the morning and her description matches with Pakhi’s. Anupama says she is not my daughter. Anuj asks him to tell in which hospital he is. The inspector says that the girl is serious. Anupama prays to give strength to the girl and her parents and tells them that she cannot be her pakhi, and asks Anuj to go and see her, then only you will believe.

Precap: Anupama asks Ankush to call Anuj. Ankush tells that Anuj had said that he will call back, but he has not called yet. Anupama hugs Baa …everyone cries. Vanraj is in shock.

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