Anupama latest written update 19 Oct: These 2 people will leave the family, Malti Devi is against Anupama!

Anupama serial Written Update Today:

A lot will happen in today’s episode of Anupama. On one hand, the video of Vanraj-Suresh went viral, on the other hand, Malti Devi is worried about Anuj.

The episode will start with Anupama and it will be seen that along with Anuj and Anupama, some other family members will be seen explaining to Pakhi how good it is to adopt a child. During this time, Anuj will share his personal life and Anupama will also share her life and talk about how she too adopted children. Although Pakhi will listen and understand everyone she will say that she does not want to adopt a child. She’s not that great. She will leave after saying her words. Know what else will happen in the show…

Summer in everyone’s memories…

It will be seen further in the show that on the special occasion of Navratri, the whole family will gather together and worship the Mother Goddess. Meanwhile, a woman will come with a child, seeing whom everyone will be surprised, then Anupama will tell that the name of this child is Lakshya and it is Samar who has got her eyes. Anupama will then explain to everyone that Samar never wants to see us sad so we have to remain happy. After this everyone will start playing Garba and summer will come in everyone’s memories. Everyone will feel that Samar is with them all. Samar will talk and dance with everyone including Dimpy, Anupama, Vanraj, Pakhi, Adhik, and Anuj.

Police Inspector called

Amidst the celebration at home, Anuj will get a call from the Police Inspector and will be informed that the video of the scuffle Vanraj had with Suresh Rathore has gone viral. Anuj will be told that with the help of this video, Vanraj will be declared mentally disturbed due to which the value of his testimony will be lost. Anuj will say that this means that now Anuj is the only witness left. Anupama will hear all these things there. Anupama will say- ‘Today is the first day of Navratri and that boy will definitely be punished before the completion of 9 days of Navratri. This is a mother’s faith in the Mother Goddess.

Malti Devi worried for Anuj

Malti Devi will also hear these words of Anuj-Anupama. Malti Devi will be worried that this will increase Anuj’s troubles. Earlier he was the accused, now he is responsible. Malti Devi will think that Anuj is last in the list for Anupama. For me, there is only my younger brother. The one who can shoot Samar, why can’t he shoot Anuj? Anupama will think that Anuj’s security will have to be increased by talking to Ankush. After this, Anuj-Vanraj will also be seen talking.

Vanraj is angry again

It will be seen further in the show that Malti Devi and Anuj will talk in the kitchen. During this time, Malti Devi will try to convince Anuj through words but he will only take Anupama’s side and will leave the kitchen after listening to only half of the conversation. On the other hand, Kinjal-Toshu will tell Baa that if they have to go, then take care of Pari. But Baa will flatly refuse and link Samar’s death to her. Meanwhile, Kavya will say that she will take care of Pari. While leaving, Toshu and Kinjal’s documents will fall due to which Kavya will understand that this is a visa application form. After some time, the Shah family will see on the news that Vanraj’s video has gone viral. Seeing this, Vanraj’s temper will rise again.

Precap: Devika meets Anupama and asks how can she help her. Anupama asks her to use any means she wants to, force people in the club to reveal that Sonu shot Samar intentionally and not in self-defense. Devika determines to get justice to Samar. Vanraj notices a gun trying to shoot his parents and rushes towards it.

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