Anupama written update today (Sep 08-2023): Police Arrest Adhik

Anupama written update today (Sep 08-2023): Anupama serial written episode: Telly Update

After talking to the DCP, Anuj came out. He tells Anupama that I talked to him and he said that no carelessness will be taken in this matter. Anupama asks if someone has kidnapped her. Anuj asks why he is talking negatively. Anupama says that when Pakhi was little and I used to cry, she would come out of nowhere and hug me. She says even today I am crying, why is she not coming. Anuj says I know no statement can calm you down, and asks them not to think anything wrong, as Kanha ji is with them, and he will never do wrong with them. Adhik comes to Romil and asks Where is Pakhi? Romil says I always thought you were more of a fool or a scoundrel, and says no one will believe you as he is not the victim but the culprit. More angrily tells Romil that he will inform the police about him. Romil says if you tell the police about me then I will tell the police about you that you used to torture her, and I will make sure you are arrested and punished.
As soon as Vanraj comes there, he grabs Adhik’s kurta. He asks Adhik what did he do with his daughter and asks him to tell. Toshu and Samar are also together.

Barkha comes there and asks him to leave her brother and says my brother did not do anything. Vanraj says if anything happens to my daughter then this mad father will take your brother’s life. Barkha says she went there, and if she didn’t reach your house then what is our fault? Samar says this is a well-planned conspiracy. Toshu says I will throw you in a place where even God will not be able to find you. Barkha asks if they are not seeing her condition and says she is also worried. Samar says he is sure Pakhi left because of him. Vanraj asks him to tell him where his daughter is. Adhik swears on God and says maybe Pakhi was angry with mummy and that is why she left. He says Pakhi was very upset with mummy and had warned her not to interfere in our married life. Adhik says that Pakhi was upset because of him. Just then the inspector comes and says that Adhik has been arrested and they think he is responsible for Pakhi’s disappearance. Adhik says he will not go anywhere. The inspector says you have to come. Barkha asks who has filed the complaint.

Anupama comes there with Anuj and says I have filed the complaint. She says mostly that she asked him to try in every way, but he didn’t tell me. She asks him to tell her where is his daughter, Barkha asks seriously, You want to send your son-in-law to jail without any proof and says My brother is educated, not a goon. Anupama says that educated people do not raise their hands on their wives. Barkha says Adhik knows that if anything happens to Pakhi then her husband will be the first to be suspected, and says he will not do this and asks Anupama to withdraw the complaint. Anupama refuses and says I want Pakhi back. Barkha asks Ankush and Anuj to do something. She says you know Adhik since childhood and he can’t do this. Inspector tells Adhik that he has to come with them. More goes with the inspector. Barkha tries to stop him. Anupama recalls Pakhi’s words and says I made a mistake, I should have gone to the police long ago.

Everyone looks at him. She regrets keeping quiet because of Pakhi and says this mother has made a mistake, my daughter is missing because of me. She fainted…Anuj caught her.

Baa asks what happened when Vanraj, Samar, and Toshu went to Anupama’s house. Kinjal says Samar sent a message that he will come. Vanraj recalls Adhik’s words that Pakhi had warned mummy last night. Anupama regains consciousness and takes Pakhi’s name. She asks Anuj if Sweety has come back. Anuj says she is coming and asks her for water. Anupama asks Where has my daughter gone? Vanraj says this could happen because of you. He says even after Pakhi warned you, you didn’t stop interfering between Adhik and her. Anuj says it is not wrong to intervene in domestic violence and secondly, it is time to handle Anupama and find Pakhi. Vanraj says that if Anupama had not pushed him, she would not have taken this step. Anupama asks what I mean by pushing, asks if teaching to fight for self-respect is pushing, and asks if I should have taught her to suffer silently and feel suffocated. Vanraj says what I mean to say is that even a mother can make mistakes. Anupama says I have also made a mistake and says it is my big mistake that I did not take this step earlier. She says I raised my voice late, and says we get late in punishing our husbands and sons. She says we give a chance and give punishment later, and says the husband doing atrocities will get punished. She asks if the mother would think 1000 times, then asks her daughter and gives her a chance.
Vanraj says I also got angry, but what can we do if Pakhi wants more than this. Anupama queries Shall we wait for his seriousness? Vanraj asks if it is his life, and says You don’t know even after Pakhi warns. Anupama says why didn’t you do anything and asks what did you say to Pakhi or at most, saying you asked me to observe and says I wrote her craziness and am observing her every moment. Was, and today I answered her. He asks what and says that Pakhi left the house because of me and asks what she asks why is she saying this. Vanraj said that you are his mother. The amazing question is have you ever caught her and told them that you used to run away when she got an injection and scolded her when she fought her courage?
Anupama says Pakhi is blackmailing her serially and she doesn’t realize that she doesn’t love but only does drama. She says I always told her similar things, and I thought she would say you are right Mom. She says you are accusing me, what did you do? He says only Pakhi was called home for your friendly nation and no more will be called. She says that when Star came to know that Pakhi would not work without then why did not he ask her to call more together? And says if Pakhi has acted childishly then it is not my fault. She says she is my daughter, why would I trouble her, why would I force her, I can’t see her pain and you are saying that I have troubled her. She says I never thought bad about her and blames me. She says why can I do this, I am not a bad mother. Anuj and Samar are trying to pacify her.

Precap: Your inspector reports that Morning Girl was murdered, and her description matches the daughter. Anju and Anupama are shocked. Vanraj wakes up shocked. Anupama hugs Baa and says my sweetie…everyone cries. Vanraj is sent to the plant.

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