Anupama written update today (Sep 06-2023):

Anupama written update today (Sep 06-2023): Anupama serial written episode: Telly Update

Anupama tells Anuj that the rakhi festival is the gift itself and says she thought to bring happiness home, but how to celebrate it amidst the troubles. Anuj says Babu ji has sent the message. Babu ji invites Anuj to come for Rakhi celebrations, though the circumstances are not right, but they shall do some shogun. Babu Ji asks him to bring Pakhi, Choti Anu, and Romil and not Adhik. Anuj says it seems something is going to happen tomorrow. Anupama asks if Pakhi will go without Adhik.

Baa shows the cloth and tells Dimpy that she is thinking of wiping the Lakshman Rekha as today is the festival. Dimpy says it is a festival for you and not for me, you have banned my brother’s entry. Baa says ok, Don’t wipe it, get it insured. Kinjal comes there and tells Baa that she will make prasad and asks her to make puja arrangements. She asks her where is sugar? Kavya hears and says it is here. Baa asks Kinjal to make sure that Kavya doesn’t touch Prasad. She goes. Kavya tells Kinjal that she was the bahu of the house till yesterday, today I am sinister. Kinjal says I will not use harsh words like Baa, and says I haven’t forgiven Toshu yet and asks how can Baa forgive him. She asks her to make the Prasad if she wants, then make it, and says I will handle Baa. Kavya says Baa will get angry. Kinjal says when Toshu can sit in the puja, then why can’t you? She asks her to make Prasad.

Anuj comes to Anupama and says he is ready. Anupama takes off bad sight from him. Anuj says what? She asks what did I do? Anuj says You have increased my heartbeat and asks What did you do. He makes her wear a necklace and the gajra. Anupama blushes. Anuj teases her and says nice. Choti Anu comes there. Anupama takes her in her lap and asks why is she sad. Anuj also asks her. Choti Anu says that Adhik is Jiju, but Romil is a brother and she wants to tie him a rakhi, but if he will get angry. She asks why he is always angry and says that during every festival, some fight or argument happens. Anuj says we will try that nothing happens. Choti Anu prays that everything shall be fine.

Samar is packing the gifts for Pakhi and Choti Anu. Dimpy starts scolding them for wasting money on his sisters. Toshu comes there and says it is from both of us. Dimpy says you don’t earn money and is giving Samar’s gift as yours. She continues to argue with Samar. Vanraj comes there and says nobody has the right to come between siblings and Toshu and Samar used to gift Pakhi whatever they want.

Barkha ties Rakhi to Adhik and says I don’t care what others say, you are my brother. Pakhi smiles. Choti Anu says Kaki has tied rakhi without us. Anupama says no problem, you will tie rakhi to your brother first. Adhik and Barkha have a hug. Barkha blesses him. Ankush asks her to ask for intelligence and manners for her brother. Adhik tells Barkha that he doesn’t have anything to give her this Rakhi. Barkha says she doesn’t want anything else. Pakhi goes and brings the necklace, saying it is a rakhi gift from our side. Barkha and Adhik are shocked to see the necklace. Adhik says it was gifted by Mummy and Anuj to you. Barkha says how can I take it? Pakhi says it is ours in the family. Ankush asks why the slaps were yours, and says Barkha should have got half slaps. Pakhi says my husband has apologized to me and has changed. Adhik says that he will get the gift for Didi from his first salary. Barkha refuses to take it. Adhik signs her to take it. Pakhi insists he gives the necklace. Barkha says at least you are with him and says don’t leave him. Pakhi says I will always be with him, even if the people try to instigate me against him, as I know that my Adhik is so good. Adhik makes Barkha wear a necklace. Barkha gets happy.

Romil comes there. Choti Anu asks if she can tie him rakhi. Romil says no. Ankush asks him to keep her heart. Romil says okay. Choti Anu ties Rakhi to him. Anupama explains about the festival and says her brother promises to protect her sisters. Choti Anu says even Sher Ister can protect her brother. Anupama says by guiding her brother to the right path. She says this thread is a strong bond between the brother and the sister. Choti Anu asks him about the gift. He says I don’t have anything now. Choti Anu hugs him and says later you shall make me have ice cream. Romil gets emotional. Anupama asks Pakhi to tie rakhi to Romil. Adhik says I have differences with Romil, but you shall do what you want. She says she doesn’t want to tie him rakhi. Choti Anu asks now we shall go to Babu Ji’s house. Pakhi says ” Let’s go. Anupama says just you are called there, and not Pakhi.

Dimpy says that Pakhi will do drama even if she comes here. Pakhi says that she will go to tie rakhi to her brothers, though her husband is not invited there. She says the project will be handled by Adhik, instead of me. Anupama says You are not much grown up that you can keep the condition in front of me. Anupama says it is work and asks her to value it, and says it is not chocolate which you are giving to him. Pakhi asks who does this with their son-in-law. Anupama says people do this whose son-in-law is like this. Pakhi argues. Anupama asks if your brothers are nothing for you. Pakhi asks if your son-in-law is nothing for you. Anupama counts all his misdeeds. Pakhi says he has changed. Anupama says you think like this. Pakhi says you have to agree to my condition, and says a person can be clapped with both hands.

Precap: Anupama asks Adhik Where is Pakhi? Adhik accuses her in front of Shah family that Anupama forced Pakhi to leave the house. Anupama asks if I should have been silent. Adhik says you should be in your limits. He says I am scared that Pakhi will do something. Anupama says no.

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