Anupama written update today (Sep 04-2023): Romil Get’s Framed

Anupama written update today (Sep 04-2023): Romil Get’s Framed-Anupama serial written episode: Telly Update

Today’s episode of Anupama begins with a conversation between Vanraj and Kavya.
Vanraj says to Kavya Whatever you did or whatever happened Kavya, above all this one thing is that I love you a lot, and care for you a lot. He further says that today my steps have retreated from someone’s question, and I do not want that to happen ever again.

Then Vanraj asks Kavya to give them some time. So Kavya wiped her tears and says I understand then crying I am sorry I cheated you. Kavya asks Vanraj should I leave? Vanraj replies I don’t know Kavya I stopped you because I didn’t want to leave you alone in this condition


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Next, we see Anupama and her family members are still trying to find out about the money.
Adhi tries his best to trap Romil. Romil says So will you people doubt me now? So Anupama says here no one is doubting anyone, they are just trying to find the lost money. Anuj supports Anupama and says okay let’s find it.

Then we see Kavya is in a dilemma, she wants to call Anupama but then she thinks how much more should I trouble Anupama? That’s why she sees Babuji sitting sad, she slowly goes to Babuji and says crying, Babuji, please talk for two minutes, Babuji speaks slowly, it’s okay, sit down. Kavya says to him, Babuji, I am. I know I have made a big mistake but it is also true that I love Vnraj a lot. Babu ji stops her and says Daughter, we will talk about this later but if you want to stay here then you can stay. At the same time, they hear the sound of something falling, they see that the teacup from Ba’s hand has fallen and broken. Baa gets very angry seeing Kavya, she says I had forbidden you to come out of the room, then why did you come? You go to your room, I don’t even want to see your face. You are dead for me. Then Kinjal and Babuji try to calm Baa down. Kavya asks Kinjal what should do so that everything goes fine.

Here we see everyone trying to find money. Adhi says I will search Romil’s room myself, then Romil says I will also check your room. Pakhi says I will check Romil’s room.
Then everyone starts searching for the money, meanwhile, Pakhi finds money from Romil’s room and Romil is shocked to see this. Except for Aadhi and Barkha, everyone has a look of surprise on their faces.
Romil says I haven’t even taken the money, so how did you go to my room, maybe you are framing me along with your husband. So Pakhi says Adhi hasn’t even gone to your room. Romil says You have gone, maybe you have kept it. Have you given
In the meantime, Barkha says stop blaming my brother and Anupama’s daughter. Still, Romil does not believe that money was stolen from him. Ankush comes to Romil and says if he wanted money, he would have asked me, why did you steal? Romil then tells them that I have not stolen. I have no idea how the money got there. Adhi and Barkha then put pressure on Romil and say, accept that you have made a mistake. So Romil said, I understood that Adhi had kept the money. Barkha and Pakhi take Adhi’s side and say, My Adhi is not like this.
Romil then says Adhi and Barkha have been trying to trap me for many days that’s why I am being wrongly framed. I am sure these two must have kept the money in my room because that day when I came to get the iPad, these people were talking about something and were shocked to see me. Then Romil says to Anupama, Aunty, if I had taken the money, I would have run away, why would I come back again?
Then we see that everyone is blaming each other, and no one is ready to accept their mistake, Seeing all this, Anuj moves forward in anger and says, I will bring a knife, stab each other. Then he tells Barkha and Ankush that instead of stopping both of you, you start it yourself. I have heard all the accusations and quarrels, now I want to hear the truth. Romil says I did not take the money, if you are still not sure, then throw me out of the house.
Romil starts arguing with Anuj. Barkha says to Romil, Shut up, Then Romil says, Should I keep quiet because your reality has come in front of everyone? Seeing Ankush, he slaps him and says, I thought that I would make you a good person by being educated and will fulfill my duty. What are you doing? Today my head is down because of you. Then Romil says loudly, how many times should I say that I did not steal? You have found it, now just do it. We will talk peacefully later. Hearing this, Barkha says how Romil should be punished for ending the matter like this because if my brother had made the same mistake, you would have handed him over to the police and got him punished. So Anupama said okay, I will call the police now, they will come and find out the truth. Adhi gets nervous hearing this and tells Barkha to keep quiet saying it is a family matter.

Anupama asks Adi and Romil to go to their respective rooms, then Anuj stops her and says, you guys have brought the limit of my patience, that’s why I was silent, but if in future you guys do something like this. If it is done then understand. This is my last warning.

Precap: Anupama tells Adhik that his cleverness, misbehavior, etc. can be hidden from a daughter’s sight, but not from the mother’s sight. Pakhi says it is enough. Anupama says it is enough for you to speak at the wrong place and keep silent at the right place. Pakhi says we are together and happy, and you shall be happy, why do you want to separate us? She says if you don’t stop interfering in my married life, then I will do something that you will have nothing but repentance.

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